Carrie Seibel
I am finishing my degree in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I have always loved to write and communicate with others. I found a passion for journalism and want to continue to become a well-known and respected journalist.
      I grew up in Pewaukee, Wisconsin with my parents, two older sisters, and one older brother. I lived in the same house, with a lot of the same neighbors for 13 years. We moved to Nagawicka Lake, where I found a love for lake living.       Since 5th grade I have been active in sports. I participated in volleyball, basketball, and track until I graduated in 2008 from Catholic Memorial High School.       Before entering my first semester of college, I knew I wanted to focus on Journalism. My intentions were to become a photojournalist because I knew how much I truly admired the art of it. My first step towards that was going outside of my comfort zone and exploring a whole new American culture in sunny California!       After graduation, I made the decision to attend school at Santa Monica College in California. I resided with my sister and her husband--working with him as a legal assistant at his law offices.       I was privileged enough to travel over the border to Rosarito, Mexico every so often and become more inspired my even more culture.      I was a young, Midwest girl trying to find her place, and after just one semester, I found it to be back at home.       I started my career path over at UWM where I have made friends with very skillful professors who have helped my initiative as a journalist.       Now, with the 'real world' just around the corner, I have the confidence to take on challenges and cultivate my own bearings in this media revolution.
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