When Does School Start in Waukesha?

Only a few weeks left of the summer. School starts Sept. 4 for children attending the Waukesha School District.

In the final weeks before school starts, many of the kids and parents of school-age children begin to get excited. Elementary students may or may not yet know who their teachers will be, but for those that do they've no doubt heard the news from friends or perhaps older siblings. This teacher or that teacher is "awesome, easy or tough."

They know which building they'll be spending the bulk of their day. They have in-hand the school supply list. If it has been misplaced, the stores in town, including , have supply lists from every school in Waukesha and surrounding communities.

But when exactly does school begin? For those who don't relish the idea of going back to school, they can still enjoy another month of summer. The Waukesha School District begins Sept. 4 – the day after Labor Day.

Students attending are back in school a little bit earlier. Freshman at CMH begin classes Aug. 17 and school starts for everyone else Aug. 20.


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