Waukesha School Board to Address Sibling Enrollment at Charter School

Recommendation would allow siblings of students attending Waukesha STEM Academy campus to be guaranteed enrollment as kindergartners only.

Siblings of students already attending will only be guaranteed for enrollment at the charter school as kindergarteners if the Waukesha School Board approves the change during its monthly meeting on Wednesday.

For any other siblings who are looking to enroll in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics intensive school, they will be entered into a lottery-based waiting list for open seats at the school, according to the proposed contract change for the Randall and Saratoga campuses.

Superintendent Todd Gray and other school officials stressed, though, the importance that families complete their attendance applications in order to remain at the charter school for the following school year.

Chris Kluck, principal at , said he would be concerned if the kindergarten siblings of older students were not automatically enrolled in the school.

“I would be fearful that without it we would lose families or some support,” Kluck said.

School Board Member Bill Baumgart brought up concerns with allowing kindergartners in the STEM school without having the chance to first see if they would be a good fit. He also said he wasn’t a fan of siblings going to the charter school on the sole reason that they are related.

“If they belong there, good,” he said.

Baumgart wasn’t alone. School Board Member Barb Brzenk said she was fine with allowing the kindergarten siblings into the school but she agreed with Baumgart about allowing for a guarantee in enrollment.

“We probably should have never done it in the first place because it is not a school for all kids,” Brzenk said.

Public comment was not allowed during last night’s workshop session with members of the school board and member of the STEM governing board. However, public comment is allowed during Wednesday’s full board meeting.


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