South Football Team Wins Big in Community Service

When the football team was out raking leaves, they took the time to help an older man in the neighborhood who has been in and out of the hospital.

The Waukesha South High School’s football team has struggled in recent years, including during this season. The team came away with just one win over Waukesha North High School this year, and was blown away by almost every other team.

But when it comes to community service, the team is a winner in the Waukesha South neighborhood.

All athletic teams at Waukesha South complete a community service project during the season. This season, the football team was walking around the East Roberta Avenue neighborhood raking leaves.

A nearby woman wrote Athletic Director Dan Domach recently to praise the boys for their work. They helped an older gentleman who had been in and out of the hospital.

“The boys were wonderful and really helped him out, which as a neighbor, I can tell you he was just who needed it,” she wrote in the email.

  • Do you know kids who have done a cool thing to help out the community? Contact Sarah Millard at Sarah.Millard@patch.com.


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