Graduation and Dropout Rates in Waukesha

See Waukesha's most recent graduation and drop-out rates, and how they compare to the rest of the state and surrounding districts.

Graduation rates in Waukesha are below the state average, although the rates varied throughout the district, when it comes to the number of 12th grade students enrolled in 2011-12 receiving a diploma, according to data from the state Department of Public Instruction.

Statewide in 2011-12, 88.6 percent of enrolled high school seniors received diplomas, and 5.5 percent of students dropped out of school. 

That year in Waukesha, 84.8 percent of students received diplomas, according to DPI data, and 7.55 percent dropped out of the Waukesha School District. By comparison, in Elmbrook, the graduation rate was 97.6 percent, with 1.1 percent dropping out.

However, the data includes information from all three high schools and charter schools, including Harvey Phillips Alternative School, which had a 70.6 percent graduation rate in 2011-12. The school district's online school had a 68.4 percent graduation rate. Waukesha Engineering Prep, which is housed at Waukesha South High School, had a 100 percent graduation rate.

Here are averages for the three main high schools:

  • Waukesha West; 96.48 percent
  • Waukesha South; 82.11 percent
  • Waukesha North; 85.52 percent

Search above to see information about graduation rates in Waukesha and other districts throughout the state. The search function is not available on mobile devices. See the DPI data on graduation rates and dropouts.

Steve Edlund April 20, 2013 at 11:09 PM
Since we're making public school district comparisons the likes of Elmbrook to Waukesha, lets be fair and realistic. Include for each district; per household income, number of students on free or reduced lunch, fund 27 (special education) eligibility, parental educational level. I'd think Waukesha has room for improvement, but would stack up very well against districts lacking diversity.


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