UPDATED: ACT Scores Decrease Slightly at Waukesha High Schools

Waukesha West exceeds state average, while Waukesha South and Waukesha North scores fall below state norm.

Editor's Note: This article was updated at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday with comments and updated ACT scores from Superintendent Todd Gray.

was the only public school in Waukesha to exceed average state ACT scores during the last school year.

All three public high schools in Waukesha saw composite ACT scores decrease in the 2011-12 school year compared to the previous two school years. Data about the college readiness test was released Wednesday by the state Department of Public Instruction.

Superintendent Todd Gray said the district is looking into the ACT scores and seeking ways to improve during the upcoming school year. The district does have programs that can prepare the students for the college admission test.

However, Gray noted that the district's average composite score of 22.5 is above the statewide average of 22.1. Minorities have also been receiving better scores, he said.

"There are some very good positives," Gray said. "Just because the score is down doesn’t mean there haven’t been a number of successes."

Waukesha West’s average composite score was 1.4 points higher than the statewide average. came close, falling 0.2 points below the state average. , while 0.4 points below the state average, was 0.6 points above the national average.

"Those are obviously are a little lower than we would like to see,” Gray said.

South performed better on the ACT tests than North. North's ACT scores exceeded South's the previous year.

Both South and West exceeded the state average for percent of students taking the college readiness test.

Wisconsin’s average ACT score was tied with Iowa for second-best in the nation, according to the DPI. Minnesota had the best composite ACT scores at 22.8.

Average Waukesha ACT Scores

North High School (*figures updated by Gray directly from ACT)

  • 2011-12; 21.7 composite score, with 58.4 percent tested
  • 2010-11; 22.5 composite score, with 64.3 percent tested
  • 2009-10; 22.5 composite score, with 57.3 percent tested

South High School

  • 2011-12; 21.9 composite score, with 73.7 percent tested
  • 2010-11; 22 composite score, with 64.2 percent tested
  • 2009-10; 22.7 composite score, with 64.3 percent tested

West High School (*figures updated by Gray directly from ACT)

  • 2011-12; 23.5 composite score, with 79 percent tested
  • 2010-11; 23.7 composite score, with 81.3 percent tested
  • 2009-10; 23.4 composite score, with 70.9 percent tested

eAchieve Academy (online high school)

  • 2011-12; 23.4 composite score, with 20.3 percent tested
  • 2010-11; 23.6 composite score, with 20.3 percent tested
  • 2009-10; 23.7 composite score, with 24 percent tested


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