Update: Waukesha School Board Member Appears on Pro-Walker Advertisement

Karin Rajnicek is the newest member on the school board and defends Wisconsin's governor.

Waukesha’s newest school board member has been on the board since April, but her face is about to become well known as she appears in an advertisement supporting Gov. Scott Walker as Democrats look to begin the recall Wisconsin Democrat following his controversial bill limiting union rights.

The video starts with Karin Rajnicek, who was sharing her views about Walker’s initiatives since he was sworn into office in January.

“We were worried when the state budget was going to mean less money for our school district. And we have 25 schools,” she said in the ad. “But Gov. Walker - he gave us options that reduced our biggest costs so that we could put more money back into our classrooms.”

Fifteen elementary schools, four middle schools, three high school and five charter schools are listed on the school district’s website.

compared to the previous school year under the school budget.

Rajnicek, in a April 2 letter to the editor, asked the community to support her in the election but

A voice message was left for Rajnicek by Waukesha Patch freelancer Amy Gilgenbach, who covers the Waukesha School Board.

Waukesha School Board President Dan Warren told Patch he had no comment about the video as he had not yet seen it and was not aware of it. Warren also confirmed he was not approached by the Walker campaign to appear in an advertisement.

Amy Gilgenbach contributed to this report.

Jennifer November 21, 2011 at 01:05 AM
Thank you Phil! Just because they recovered their irresponsible investment doesn't mean they should publicly support any politician.
hedy November 22, 2011 at 01:17 AM
.gov Can we trust what the government says anymore? I voted for Walker and I feel violated. The reports in which DPI surveyed administrations of school districts tells you the direction schools are headed toward if this problem doesn't get fixed. Teaching every child by following the law FAPE is difficult in todays society, so difficult many schools including the school mentioned in the commercial currently doesn't follow without excuses. Teachers every day struggle to differentiate for 30 students in a classroom, wait until that number becomes 60 similar to what schools in Michigan are facing. Does your child need support to learn todays concept? I hope you can teach them patience because they have to wait in line behind 59 other students before they can get that help. As a teacher, I struggle to have lunch on a daily basis because your children come first, and I only wish I could spend the entire weekend prepping for the next day, week, month, but unfortunately to pay for losses, I had to keep my part time job as well as continue to beg my husband to get a part time job. I don't need anyone to pitty me, the point is my personal opinion is that the republicans have lost my vote thanks to walker. Good bye republicans, good morning democrats. Walkers wimpy kitten tap to my face was enough to wake me up, and I'm not sleeping until I help the little kitty get fired, no problem! PS @ republicans, my parents moved out of state, that's 3 less votes your way and counting...
Steve Johnson November 29, 2011 at 05:46 AM
Phil Scarr: 1) You reference the "damming report released by the DPI”... blah, blah, blah. If Karin Rajnicek missed out on math skills and Keith Best missed out on logic skills, it would follow that you have missed out on grammar skills. In the same condescending fashion as you do it, I will define “damming”: (verb) to furnish with a dam; obstruct or confine with a dam. I think that you probably meant to use the word "damning". By the way, thanks for defining the “straw man” for all of us conservative types with lesser intelligence than you. By graciously taking the time to educate us about this concept, we might just recognize the tactic the next time we see the master of it (Barack Obama) using it. 2) You make several references to the $10.4 million settlement being the major factor that helped the school district with their budget. Graciously again, you were kind enough to provide Superintendent Todd Gray's phone number for people to contact him. When you call Mr. Gray, be sure to ask about that $10.4 mil. He'll tell you that it went to pay down debt related to the bad investment. None of it went toward this year's budget.
Phil Scarr November 29, 2011 at 02:06 PM
1. Spelling troll? Really? <facepalm> 2. Last time I checked, debt service was part of the county balance sheet which reflects the budget. So how did the $10.4MM not help the budget again? Oh yeah, that's right, it DID help. Nice try though.
michaelm February 10, 2012 at 04:36 AM
I don't fault her for estimating, people do it all the time, something costs $1.75 people say it cost me two bucks big deal. I was more concerned with the clearly partisan tone of the Patch. If the Patch had done the opposite and sided with Walker many of you would be going bizarre. You can't have it only your way, other people's opinions deserve fair representation and equal time. Each time the liberal left and union flunkies try to shout down, threaten, intimidate and harass to support your positions it only strengthens the opposite position as you further confirm your insecurities and thuggish behavior to the citizens in the middle and right of you. Want everyone to listen to you, stop yelping, threatening, intimidating people's children, act like adults who are in control of themselves on juvenile bullies whose only argument is I'll hurt you if you don't give me your lunch money.


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