Voter Turnout Could be 35% at Some Waukesha Polling Locations

State Supreme Court race and Waukesha County Circuit Court judge race is drawing voters in the city.

Voter turnout at the more populated polling locations could reach as high as 35 percent in Waukesha, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Gina Kozlik said today.

The locations that generally receive a higher percentage of voters have been hopping. Kozlik said the more busy locations are Waukesha South, Waukesha West and Waukesha North high schools and Hawthorne Elementary Schoool.

There are only two contested aldermanic races in districts 10 and 13. All voters in Waukesha have the Waukesha County judge race between incumbent Kathleen Stilling and Assistant District Attorney Lloyd Carter. They also are being asked to select three Waukesha School Board members from the four who are running.

The State Supreme Court race is also a draw for voters as incumbent Justice David Prosser is being challenged by JoAnne Kloppenburg.


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