Republican Legislator Says Police, Firefighters 'Bought' Exemption from Bargaining Changes

Rep. Chris Kapegna, R-Delafield, says people are frustrated that public safety workers are exempt from the state's collective-bargaining changes.

A Republicans legislator wishes Gov. Scott Walker's plan to strip public employees of their collective-bargaining rights would have included police officers and firefighters, according to reports published today. 

Rep. Chris Kapenga, R-Delafield, told the Associated Press that police and fire workers "bought" an exemption to Walker's proposal, which affects tens of thousands of public employees in the state. 

Kapenga told the Wisconsin State Journal

There’s a reason why they are not being put in with the rest of the public employee unions. I don’t know what that reason is.

Bren June 11, 2011 at 12:14 AM
The exclusion of police and fire from the overall action against Wisconsin public workers promoted a perception nationally (in some quarters at least) that Scott Walker was showing favoritism to the unions that endorsed him (police and fire). Every politician rewards cronies and Walker hasn't wasted any time rewarding his. In the months since this entire mess started, we have learned that Wisconsin is just one of several states with new Republican governors who signed on with the Koch brothers to implement an extreme national political agenda that favors billionaires like the Koch brothers (who have business interests in Wisconsin). Part of the "program" is to create and pillory a scapegoat (in this case public workers and unions) to draw attention away from the multimillion dollar tax breaks being pushed through for rich people--like the Koch brothers. Ten years of economic landslide have proven that the George W. Bush tax cuts didn't work. Now that middle and lower income Americans have less money to spend, the best way for rich people like the Koch brothers to keep gorging themselves on America's resources is through tax cuts. They're not creating jobs now-why would they start now? Cutting tax revenue in Wisconsin is not going to create jobs. Lord protect us from the greedy! Reagan made corporations pay taxes because he believed they should pay their share. Rich people are doing very, very well right now and they're still not hiring. So tax 'em!


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