Oath of Office Personal for City Clerk

Tom Neill swears in his son, David Neill, as a new Waukesha police officer.

has sworn dozens of officers into the during the past 25 years. The majority of the more than 100 police officers at the department have taken the Oath of Office that’s administered by Neill.

“I’ve sworn in just about everybody,” Neill said.

Despite all that, the ceremonial gesture became personal for Neill on Wednesday when two new police officers started with the police department. Trying to keep his emotions under control, Neill administered the Oath of Office to his son, David Neill, a new Waukesha police officer.

Neill said he was just trying to keep composed during the ceremony.

“I am not normally emotional,” Neill said. “It was a little different this time.”

When David Neill first told Neill he was going into law enforcement, Neill said he felt apprehension about his son becoming a police officer. But, the long-time clerk/treasurer is extremely proud of his son.

David Neill, 23, graduated from Marquette University. He attended the police academy at Waukesha County Technical College where Neill previously was a member of the Board of Directors.

“That was also special,” Neill said.

David Neill wasn’t the only officer to be sworn into officer on Wednesday. Steven Swiertz also was given the Oath of Office by Neill at the Waukesha Police Department.

Interim City Administrator Steve Crandell told the two new officers to wear their badge with pride as they begin working for the city.

Police Chief Russell Jack said the two new police officers went through the recruit school at WCTC.

“We get a chance, a lot of us teaching up there, to get to know these people prior to make that decision – a very important decision – of who is going to join the Waukesha Police Department and now become a Waukesha police officer to take that big responsibility and honor that comes with that badge,” Jack said. “Congratulations to both of them.”


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