How Did Waukesha Vote in 2008?

While Waukesha had a majority vote for John McCain in 2008, the Republican lead was stronger in 2004.

If recent history is any indication, Waukesha will carry Gov. Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama in today's election.

Four years ago, John McCain and Sarah Palin took 53.3 percent of the vote while the Obama-Joe Biden campaign took 45.5 percent. The McCain/Palin ticket fared better in the Town of Waukesha with 65.7 percent of the vote.

How Waukesha Voted in 2008

  • John McCain/Sarah Palin: 19,116 votes; 53.3%
  • Barack Obama/Joe Biden: 16,302 votes; 45.5%
  • Other: 431 votes; 1.2%

How Town of Waukesha Voted in 2008

  • John McCain/Sarah Palin:  3,720 votes; 65.7%
  • Barack Obama/Joe Biden: 1,890 votes; 33.4%
  • Other: 51 votes; .9%

While the Obama/McCain race was close in 2008, the election in 2004 showed a greater lean toward the Republican government. That year, President George Bush and running mate Dick Cheney received 21,349 votes in the City of Waukesha to the 13,923 votes cast for Democratic candidates John Kerry and John Edwards.

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Keith Best November 06, 2012 at 03:19 PM
The good news is that in 2012, Waukesha is way more motivated than ever before to elect Romney/ Ryan, and remove the failure Obama.


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