Guest Column: Waukesha County Makes County Executive Proud

Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas shares how Waukesha County has grown during the past decade and become a top county in Wisconsin.

As county executive, I have the honor and privilege of speaking to many different groups throughout the County. Whenever I am speaking to one of these groups, I tell them that Waukesha County is a powerhouse and this couldn’t be more true.

Waukesha County is the third largest county in population, and the second fastest-growing county in Southeastern Wisconsin. We are the lowest per capita spending county in the state and second in value. We are one of only a handful of AAA/aaa bond rated counties in the United States.

In the last 50 years the population of Waukesha County has nearly doubled, and from the year 2000 to 2010, Waukesha County added about 30,000 residents. That is the equivalent of adding a city nearly the size of Menomonee Falls to the County in 10 years.

Waukesha County’s Airport is the and the busiest corporate airport in the state. Waukesha County is home to 77 lakes and ranks No. 4 in Wisconsin for tourism. We are home to the oldest college in the state () and the fourth oldest Catholic parish in the country – Parish in Waukesha.

We have so much to be proud of here in Waukesha County, and everyday I am proud to be your county executive.


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