Guess Who: Which Waukesha Alderman Showed Dairy Cows at County Fair?

Also, check out the answer's to last week's poll question.

can officiate weddings. In fact, he oversaw the vows between his wife’s sister and her husband.

Surprised? You’re not the only one. Most of the people taking our poll thought the answer would be Alderman Roger Patton. It wasn’t a bad guess – Patton is a retired minister.

This week, one Waukesha alderman was active at the county fair. This council member showed dairy cows as a kid.

Who is it?

Guess Who brings trivia about local officials

How well do you know the 16 people who represent you on the Common Council? The council is comprised of 15 alderman serving three-year terms and the mayor, who serves a four-year term.

Patch is bringing you a little aldermanic trivia each week. Take the poll and guess who the alderman is. The answer will be reviewed with the next week’s poll, so everyone should have enough time to log the guess!


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