Gov. Walker Visits Recall Petition Verifiers in Waukesha

Local Republicans report finding some suspicious signatures on the petitions they are reviewing.

Local volunteers who are verifying signatures on the petitions to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker received a surprise this weekend when the governor himself visited the Republican County of Waukesha County offices where the work is being done.

From Keith Best, who is the media spokesman for the local GOP party:

"Many of these volunteers have told us they have never been involved politically before. They vote Republican but have never been to an event or volunteered, but feel compelled to do this. They believe their vote from November 2010 is being discounted and they disagree with this recall, based on the fact Gov. Walker did what he said he was going to do, and what they voted for him to do. And now they see his reforms are working."

The volunteers, while they realize its unlikely that they will throw out enough signatures to stop a recall election, have been finding suspect signatures on the petitions, according to TMJ4.

Graeme Zielinski, the spokesman for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, told multiple media outlets this weekend that even if some signatures are kept off the petitions, there will be enough signatures to force the recall election. Earlier this month, the Democrats They needed 540,208 signatures to force the recall election.

Fox 6 is reporting that after the signatures against Walker are reviewed, the volunteers will check the petitions for a recall against Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

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Jerry Person February 02, 2012 at 03:37 PM
If Wisconsin US attorney was an honest honorable person not a Protection Racket for his fellow republicans. Walker would be in a federal penn. A federal judge in Milwaukee in 1/2011 ordered Milwaukee County to rehire all the people Walker fired. The judge stated Walker mislead the county board on everything. The judge basically stated Walker commit a few dozens of crimes and without any doubt abused his power. The judge stated Walker created a FALSE emergency. The judge detailed Walkers crimes. This has cost the state how many millions? Why is US attorney John Vaudruel protecting Walker and allowing him to continue his reign of terror on the seniors, poor, and or future our children. Is Vaudruels agenda protecting his GOP pals more important than our children? John stop your protection racket. You took forensic evidence exposing the child porn etc. Finish the job and stop obstructing. This is Walker Gate you’re exposing your complete disrespect for the letter of the law and justice. The pillaging of funds from Americans who sacrificed life and limb for this country is infuriating in itself but Walker not arrested is reprehensible.
Jerry Person February 02, 2012 at 03:37 PM
As in the New Testament says a person mentioned in the New Testament as an enemy of Jesus, who will appear before the Second Coming and win over many of Jesus' followers. The Antichrist is often identified with a beast described in the Book of Revelation, whom God destroys just before the final defeat of Satan. God will destroy Walker. His followers will never see eternity. Thank GOD. Webster’s says: To change what is norm for personal, political, or religious reasons is an act of perversion.
Jerry Person February 02, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Walker has released the names of the petition signers. He says it is only fare. The wis GOP are all registered at the states sexual predator site for the public to veiw.


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