Elections 2013: Local Candidates on Ballot for Spring Election

From local boards to state offices, the April election picture just got a little more clear.

Editor's Note: The following information was updated at 6:15 p.m. to include information about the 98th State Assembly District race. Patch will update with more information late Wednesday after the GAB releases final candidate data for Waukesha County judge races, State Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and State Superintendent.

Local candidates have filed their nomination papers to seek election to area boards and political offices. The deadline was 5 p.m. Wednesday. An (i) denotes the incumbent. 

Waukesha Common Council

With 10 districts on the Waukesha Common Council having elections, there will be at least two new faces on the council. Waukesha aldermen Duane Paulson (District 15) and Rick Hastings (District 12) are not seeking office for another term.

Here’s who is running in the April election. A primary election will be held Feb. 19 for District 1 and District 11 (downtown).

  • District 1: Terry Thieme (i), John Holst, Mark Myers
  • District 4: Joe Pieper (i)
  • District 5: Paul Ybarra (i)
  • District 6: Adam Jankowski (i), Marga Krumins
  • District 8: Vance Skinner (i), Emanuele Vitale
  • District 9: Kathleen Cummings (i)
  • District 11: Roger Patton (i), Lenny Miller, James Cowee, Kyle Villarreal Sr., Tyler Hoffman
  • District 12: Aaron Perry, Gary Krivos
  • District 14: Joan Francoeur (i)
  • District 15: Russel Stewart, Cory Payne

Waukesha School Board

With three seats on the nine-member school board up for election, the Waukesha School Board will remain at the status quo. All three incumbents who have seats up for election will run again. No challengers are seeking election. (As of 4:45 p.m. Wednesday)

  • Steve Edlund
  • Ellen Langill
  • William Baumgart

Assembly District 98 Special Election

The special election to fill a vacancy created when State Sen. Paul Farrow was elected in a special election Dec. 4 to the 33rd Senate District. Farrow served as a state representative for one term and was re-elected to the position in November. A Republican primary election will be held Feb. 19. No Democrats have filed paperwork to run for office, however, results are not final. The five Republican candidates have filed nomination signatures but only one is officially approved as of 6 p.m.

The Republican candidates running for office are:

  • Matt Morzy
  • Adam Neylon
  • Todd Greenwald
  • Jeanne Tarantino (approved)
  • Ed Baumann
Jeanne Tarantino January 03, 2013 at 01:22 PM
Thank you to the people of the 98th Assembly District for your overwhelming support. With your help, we turned in the most petition signatures representing every municipality in the district. I look forward to earning the support of voters in the remaining 47 days of this campaign. Please visit my website www.TarantinoforAssembly.com It would be an honor and privilege to have your help as we continue our efforts to move our state forward.
Keith Best January 03, 2013 at 01:50 PM
As a private citizen, I am supporting Adam Neylon for my district, the 98th Assembly District. Adam is a small business owner who has worked for Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner and Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Bill Kramer. Adam knows and understands the issues facing not only his potential constituents in the 98th, but also the people in this entire state. Please join me in voting for Adam Neylon on February 19th.
JMS January 03, 2013 at 03:35 PM
I'd ask people of Waukesha - if you don't know the people who are running in the aldermanic elections - go to iverifytherecall.com and type their name in - see who signed the Walker recall petition and who did not.
the 'sha guy January 03, 2013 at 05:56 PM
The two Alders that signed the Walker recall petition are: Marga Krumins - Dist 6 Gary Krivos - District 12 Not that there opponents are perfect, but at least they had the common sense not to sign the recall petition. Good to know that we at least know where these two stand.
Mary G January 03, 2013 at 07:36 PM
I'm so excited that Jeanne Tarrantino is running for this assembly seat. She is by far the most qualified candidate listed having managed a successful Lt. Governor state wide campaign, worked as chief of Staff to the Lt. Governor, and has worked along side of the very popular State Senator Joanne Huelsman. She's also helped build a small business in the Waukesha community and brings in a wealth of experience from the private sector. Her endorsements speak volumes - having many influential elected leaders in the community secured. She's smart, engaging, and most of all she will out work all of her apponents as already seen by her nomination filing approval. If your not sure, talk to her...she's clearly ready for this job!
Ginny Marschman January 03, 2013 at 11:32 PM
It is no surprise to me that Jeanne Tarantino is out front leading the other announced candidates in the 98th Assembly District race! Turning in the most petition signatures, and from every municipality in the district, already shows her commitment and willingness to work hard for the people living in the 98th Assembly District. As a Waukesha County resident and a Past-President of the Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women, I know when a woman steps up with the qualifications, experience, personal integrity and conservative values that Jeanne possesses; it’s the people and their families who will benefit from this woman’s leadership and no-nonsense style. Jeanne, a mother of three, is a woman of courage and integrity and, as a legislator, she will use her skills to improve education, help move forward Governor Walker’s job creation plan and be a friend to families, small businesses and entrepreneurs in the 98th Assembly District! Endorsed by the woman who holds the highest elected office in the State of Wisconsin, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, as well as having other significant and important endorsements, speaks volumes for Jeanne’s work ethic and character. Please vote for Jeanne Tarantino on February 19th, a delightful woman with a clear minded vision for how conservative values benefit all in the community and sustains our beloved freedoms.
Sarah Millard (Editor) January 03, 2013 at 11:45 PM
The positions are non-partisan....
Chris B January 04, 2013 at 12:13 AM
I support Jeanne Tarantino because she has: > LIFE EXPERIENCE >SMALL BUSINESS EXPERIENCE >EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH STATE LEGISLATORS and the icing on the cake is that she is a woman!
Victoria Hekkers January 04, 2013 at 02:48 AM
Sha Guy I thought that Patton had signed it. Didn't he say that his wife told him not to sign it so he did it. Goof Ball !
T. P. Hahn January 04, 2013 at 04:36 AM
Jeanne Tarantino is THE ideal candidate for the 98th Assembly District. In the years that I have worked with Jeanne I have come to value her business acumen and her strong conservative and family values. Jeanne's experience and established relationships in the legislative and administrative branches of Wisconsin's state government mean that she can "hit the ground running" on our behalf instead of spending our time getting "on the job training". Please join me in helping to elect Jeanne Tarantino to our Wisconsin State Assembly.
Tyler Chachi Hoffman-Sr January 04, 2013 at 02:33 PM
Would not suprise me.
Tyler Chachi Hoffman-Sr January 04, 2013 at 02:34 PM
Sarah, in this day and age is anything really non-partisan?
JMS January 04, 2013 at 02:49 PM
Completely agree - at this day and age - non-partisan is a "nice" alternative reality, but the fact remains that some candidates signed a recall, some did not. Some candidates have a liberal lean, some do not. Access the material and data available online to cut through the campaign rhetoric....
the 'sha guy January 04, 2013 at 03:01 PM
Yes the positions are non-partisan, what is your point? By signing the recall petition it certainly shows what an individual's governing philosophy would be. They made their bed and now they get to lay in it. And yes, Roger Patton did sign it as well. I missed that one. I also erred in calling them alderpersons. At this point, Krumins and Krivos are just candidates. Let's hope they don't proceed any further. Krivos especially, as he is in one of the more conservative districts in the city.
JMS January 04, 2013 at 03:06 PM
I completely agree 'sha guy. I'm in District 12. Its a huge red flag for me that the last challenger in the election in 2012 to Alderman Hastings signed the petition, and its a huge red flag to me that Krivos signed it. It isn't an end-all-be-all, but its a huge flag.
Scott L January 05, 2013 at 01:31 PM
@the 'sha guy I recently met with Aaron Perry whom is running for District 12. http://www.aroundwaukesha.com/1696/perry-running-for-alderman-district-12-waukesha/ He appears to be open, honest, and he has a fresh set of eyes that our Common Council is so badly in need of. To the best of my knowledge he didn't sign any recall papers and he is the best candidate for the position.
J D January 06, 2013 at 12:20 AM
I support Adam Neylon for the 98th District. He's the only small business owner in the race, with a history of creating jobs in the district. His window cleaning contract at Carroll University must require at least 4-6 workers. I mean heck, they have like 40 buildings now! Those are real jobs for real people. Isn't "job creation" Gov. Walker's main objective? If so, we should elect Adam, because he's proven he understands what it takes to actually create jobs and improve the local economy. Not to mention, he worked for Jim Sensenbrenner, whom I love! Go Adam! Waukesha supports you! But don't just take my word for it, learn more about him: www.AdamNeylon.com
J D January 06, 2013 at 12:29 AM
Absolutely agree with you 100% Keith. Not only is Adam Neylon a small business owner, but he built a successful company from the ground up. He didn't "help run a family business" several years ago. He created something from nothing, putting people to work in Waukesha County. In all honesty, I've never met a harder working young man in my life, and I mean that. His time is now, and the people of the 98th Assembly District will be lucky to have him.
Aaron Perry January 07, 2013 at 01:46 AM
It is nice to see those engaged in this process concerned about the specifics of each candidate. Regarding the Walker recall I do think it is important to be transparent if someone did sign to recall our Governor if they are running for elected office in Waukesha. I'm proud to say I voted for Governor Walker in both of his elections and find what he is doing in our state ground breaking. Seeing that Mr. Krivos did sign the petition to recall our Governor is very disappointing and is certainly not representative of the residents in District 12. I intend on running a positive campaign but a detail such as this is one that must not be over looked.
Amy January 22, 2013 at 09:31 PM
I am thrilled to see Vitale is running to regain his seat as District 8 Alderman. He will get my vote. He is sensible and pays attention to District 8 issues rather than downtown like others seem to focus on. Waukesha is not all about downtown.
Sarah Millard (Editor) January 22, 2013 at 10:17 PM
Hey guys, I was responding to someone who had asked if the positions were partisan. That person must have removed their comment.
ImConservative January 27, 2013 at 05:03 AM
Keith Best is a private citizen? Keith, why don't you let everyone know that you work for Neylon and that you are the person who leaked privileged information to uber-liberal Daniel Bice at the Journal Sentinel about Tarantino? You are also using the name Paul Ryan Rocks on that jsonline story. What a coward and a horrible example of a conservative you and Neylon are for doing that to a competing candidate.It is neanderthals like you that set our party back a hundred years. I hope you get blackballed out of the GOP when people realize how bad you made Walker and Kleefisch look. Please do not elect Keith Best for the Waukesha GOP position that he is slobbering all over to get.
ImConservative January 27, 2013 at 05:06 AM
Keith Best is a private citizen now? Keith, why don't you let everyone know that you work for Neylon and that you are the person who leaked privileged information to uber-liberal Daniel Bice at the Journal Sentinel about Tarantino? You are also using the name Paul Ryan Rocks on that jsonline story. What a coward and a horrible example of a conservative you and Neylon are for doing that to a competing candidate.It is neanderthals like you that set our party back a hundred years. I hope you get blackballed out of the GOP when people realize how bad you made Walker and Kleefisch look. Please do not elect Keith Best for the Waukesha GOP position that he is slobbering all over to get.
Keith Best January 27, 2013 at 05:45 AM
Sorry ImConservative but you are WRONG. I learned about the Bice column by reading the Journal Sentinel. I won't claim to speak for Neylon, but from what I know he learned about the issue the same way. Calling me a "coward" and a "neanderthal" is rather comical. I didn't claim Walker and Kleefisch discriminated against me. And I don't work for Neylon, but I do support him. Get a clue, your accusations are baseless.
Pornoi Sart February 09, 2013 at 06:48 PM
Either Tarantino lied under oath or Kleefisch needs to step down. Which is it?


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