Election for 10 Waukesha Aldermanic Districts Planned for 2013

Alderman Duane Paulson decides he won’t run for the District 15 aldermanic seat.

Ten Waukesha aldermanic districts are up for election this spring, and at least one of the districts will see a new face.

Alderman Duane Paulson, who serves District 15, will not seek re-election. He first was elected to the Waukesha Common Council in 2010.

One seat, District 6, is up for a one-year term. Alderman Adam Jankowksi was appointed to the seat earlier this year after Alderman Brian White died while in office. The seat will be up for election again in 2014.

Nomination papers can be circulated beginning Saturday. Each candidate needs between 20 and 40 signatures to appear on the ballot. Nomination papers are due at City Hall on Jan. 3.

Nine districts, including District 15, are up for election this April. The following districts and aldermen are up for election.

  • 1: Terry Thieme
  • 4: Joe Pieper
  • 5: Paul Ybarra
  • 8: Vance Skinner
  • 9: Kathleen Cummings
  • 11: Roger Patton
  • 12: Rick Hastings
  • 14: Joan Francoeur
  • 15: Duane Paulson

Cummings is the only Waukesha alderman to file a declaration of candidacy so far. However, interested candidates are emerging.

In District 6, Marga Krumins is looking to run against Jankowski. Krumins most recently ran for state Assembly as a Democrat but lost to State Rep. Bill Kramer. Krumins also was in the consideration for a Common Council appointment after White’s death. However, the council selected Jankowski to fill the seat on a temporary basis.

In District 8,  former longtime Alderman Emanuele Vitale is seeking election. He was ousted from office in 2010 by Skinner. Vitale was notorious for his quirky quotes while serving in office, including this one: “You can have the IQ of a turnip and still get elected to city office, if you know how to campaign right.”

Meanwhile, Paulson is not seeking election because of “situations that require more of my time,” he said in a news release.

Here’s the rest of Paulson’s release:

It has been an enjoyable experience to represent the citizens of the 15th. Many times the assistance an alderman can give a constituent will not appear in print, but it is important to that person.

My campaign material from three years ago, states I support going to Lake Michigan for our water. I have supported that and continue to support it today. 

If I were to say what my most success is, it would have to be coming out immediately, and forcefully, against the $136 per household for garbage collection. It was disappointing to have your tax bill described by with an additional $136 on your tax bill. (I might add you would not be able to deduct it on your income tax). Guess that is the new math.

A minor accomplishment would be getting a little more sanity to the landmarks rules, to give property owners a little more support with landmark designations.

A non-accomplishment would be a referendum for a part-time mayor. I could never get past the fact that many wanted to make this about a person not about the position.

I want to thank the people of the 15th for their support.

jeff Barta November 29, 2012 at 07:02 PM
Thank you for your service Duane!


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