Democrats Propose Deer Hunting Without Bullets

Representative David Craig (R-Vernon) calls support for bill prohibiting certain types of bullets 'an assault on Wisconsin's hunting tradition.'


Friday afternoon four democratic Milwaukee legislators, Wisconsin State Senator Nikiya Harris and Representatives Mandela Barnes, Evan Goyke and Fred Kessler, circulated for support a proposal that would prohibit deer and bear hunters from using the only ammunition currently allowed in Wisconsin to hunt deer and bear.

In response, Rep. Dave Craig (R-Vernon) issued the following statement:

“This assault on our state’s rich hunting tradition is appalling. While I’m rarely surprised by the degree some will go to attack our 2nd Amendment Rights, these democrats have demonstrated just how far they will go to achieve their goal of suppressing the rich traditions so many in Wisconsin hold dearly.”

Yesterday, Senator Harris and Rep. Barnes, Goyke and Kessler, circulated for support LRB-0894, relating to the “prohibition on certain bullets and providing penalty”. Section 7 relating to the prohibition on certain bullets reads, “Whoever intentionally sells, transports, manufactures, or possesses any hollow point bullet, bullet that expands or flattens … is guilty of a Class H felony.”

Under Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources administrative code NR 10.09 (1)(c)2, “no person shall hunt any deer or bear…with ammunition loaded with nonexpanding type bullets...” 

Keith Worst February 21, 2013 at 09:41 PM
All I know is first they come for the hollow points. Then the liberals will try to stop us from hunting with dynamite. It's a first amendment right. Get over it.
Mr Lundt February 22, 2013 at 02:17 PM
What this shows is the complete lack of information the left has on hollow points. Which is typical when you write bill based on knee jerk reaction and not information.
Craig H February 22, 2013 at 04:45 PM
Keith Worst- you are astoundingly ignorant. Did you actually read the article, where it states expanding ammunition is MANDATED by the state conservation department? This is for a very good reason- non-expanding ammunition does not humanely kill game and it also has a tendency to punch through the target and out the other side with enough velocity to still be lethal, which poses an obvious danger. Then you claim it can "blow up deer" and penetrate body armor. Nothing here is true. Expanding or deforming ammo does not "explode" (how did you come to this moronic conclusion??) but rather only changes shape, increasing it's diameter slightly- for example most .30-06 deer hunting rounds expand from .30 inches to .60 inches on impact. Nor do they penetrate body armor any better than any other bullet design- worse, in fact, since they deform or fragment on impact. The type of bullet best suited for penetrating armor is the kind that DOESN'T change shape, as retaining a slim profile is exactly how AP ammo works. Joe Kowalski- what is a "normal" bullet to you? I'm confused, as expanding or deforming ammunition like hollowpoint or soft-point has been the standard for hunting since the technology was developed in the early 20th century. In most states it's illegal to use full metal jacket projectiles (which overpenetrate, posing a danger to anything on the other side of the target and do not humanely kill game) which is the only other kind of commonly-available ammo out there.
Lib Hater February 22, 2013 at 05:14 PM
Most hunting bullets are expandable. Even ones with ballistic tips are expandable via the little plastic tip. The bullet isnt really the issue here folks. Its the piggy back Socialists trying to carry out the Dems Marxist agenda. Trust your gut, if you give in on any of it, they will take it all, eventually. I buy ammo now, like toilet paper and toothpaste. Ammo is how they are going to screw with us. ITs already taxed and regulated, they (Fedl Govt) are obviously stockpiling it to limit supply and drive up price so folks dont want to buy it. They re too stupid to know it creates an opposite effect. You better thank the Dear Lord we have Rep. Dave Craig on our side. He has been relentless since taking over that seat from Gundy. Keep up the good fight Rep. Craig. Dont believe any of them lefties and crush like you have the power just like Jimmy (the DOT Fund robber) Doyle.
deer hunter March 15, 2013 at 09:17 PM
Just shows you what kind of idiots can actually get elected into government office in this state . Thank god for Dave Craig to bring back some common sense to government. Keep up the good work.


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