D Mo’s Closes for ‘Renovations’

But Waukesha newspaper reported owner was to pay up by end of the month.

 located in The Clarke Hotel has closed for renovations, according to signs in its windows Monday.

An article in the Sept. 7, 2011, Waukesha Freeman showed that it may close by the end of September because of financial troubles.

The article stated that the owner, Ramon Antonio Mitre Hernandez, who is known locally as Tony Hernandez, owed rent money, was accused of breaking a lease and was in danger of being evicted.

Hernandez is facing legal trouble in Waukesha County, both financially and criminally. Hernadez pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct-domestic abuse in August and faces an Oct. 14 sentencing date.

The Clarke Hotel was a renovated flop house, a project that occurred with public money through a city tax incremental financing district. The public project includes the restaurant that is in the hotel.

jodi October 04, 2011 at 01:51 PM
Not surprised in the least!!! This is the worst restaurant ever, horrible food and worse service. I am sure they are not closing for renovations nobody in their right mind would eat here!!! Good riddance!!!!
michaelm October 05, 2011 at 02:36 AM
We had eaten at the old version (Black Trumpet) a couple of times before the change and tried twice with the new name until the economy fell out. Both times we went they were out of items or not serving things that they did not want to make because the place was too empty. I think they are a candidate for the Food Channel show that fixes failing restaurants; they come in when owners are mis-managing, or offering the wrong product for the area. People at city hall, developers, and Chamber members may say that we need an upscale place to eat downtown but thats foolishness. Look at what does work in the area: mid range, casual and fast food, we are not an upscale area and we should stop pretending to be.
D. Bag October 05, 2011 at 11:08 PM
I don't like to see businesses go under, but good riddance! Tony Hernandez was a scumbag who lied to and swindled so many people in the area, it's amazing he lasted this long. Between screwing over multiple business partners and investors, his vendors, his landlord and anyone else he could bilk a dime out of, there was nobody left in town to prey on. Anyone who really got to know Tony learned that he wasn't to be trusted, and more is going to come out sooner than later. Now he can go back to his business of lying to potential investors in Milwaukee and eventually be routed out of town once he has ruined his name there, just like he did here. A shame that the restaurant has had a history of owners who were either addicts fighting personal demons or cheats who skimmed money and fled, leaving a wake of debt with nothing else. It's a great location and has so much potential, but will need someone with true management skills to really bring it to life again.


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