Alderman Hastings Not Seeking Another Term in Office

There will be at least two new Waukesha aldermen in office next spring after two aldermen decide to not seek another term.

At least two Waukesha aldermen are not seeking re-election this spring.

Alderman Rick Hastings, who serves District 12, has filed his declaration of non-candidacy at City Hall. 

Hastings was appointed as an alderman in 2011 after Charles Lichtie resigned due to health problems. Hasting was elected in April to finish Lichtie’s three-year term. But Hasting’s will not seek the next term in office.

“Although it certainly was a rewarding experience being an alderman and I enjoy speaking for the constituents, it is a little more of a time commitment than I could make right now,” Hastings said.

Also not seeking re-election is Alderman Duane Paulson, who will finish his first term as the District 15 alderman in April.

caring conservative December 08, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Rick Hastings was a good alderman and he will be missed. Adam Jancowski and Vance Skinner are also doing an excellent job. They both have good hearts and think carefully about the issues. Not as much can be said for our un-common council members… Double-dip Duane Paulson collects a pay check from both the County and City for representing the same area, and his negative outlook will not be missed. Kathleen Cummings is also a double-dipper, not to mention out-of-touch, and needs to go. Terry Thieme is militant; let the fire station get moved out of his district, and looks like an angry man on TV. Joe Pieper jeopardizes the health and safety of our city families. He voted against and argued against the 5 Diamond Family Baseball center. And Pieper is working to give away our City 911 Police Dispatch center to the County. Paul Ybarra is narcissistic and ignores is own constituents. The most recent example was his disregard for the concerns on the Waukesha West Bypass raised by mothers in his own district. Joan Francoeur comes off as polished, is a master of double-speak, and thinks she knows it all. Also it's a sad fact that her hair piece does not match. For citizens that are tired of having un-common council members, nomination papers to run for council are now available at city hall. Each candidate needs around 40 signatures to appear on the ballot. Nomination papers are due at City Hall before Jan. 3, 2013.


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