3 Resigning BID Members Could Rejoin Board

Roger Igielski, Ron Lostetter and Jim Taylor are being considered for reappointment to the Waukesha Business Improvement Board of Directors.

Three of the Waukesha Business Improvement District board members who resigned from the board could be reappointed to the board by Mayor Jeff Scrima.

Roger Igielski, Ron Lostetter and Jim Taylor were among 11 board members who resigned from the 13-member board following a controversial resignation later and a council woman's request to remove the entire board. The three are among seven appointments Scrima is looking to bring before the Common Council on Tuesday to restore a portion of the board.

The controversy stems from a resignation that letter that former Executive Director Meghan Sprager submitted in August that cited hostile working conditions from BID board members as the reason for her departure. A second document from Sprager accused then-board President Norm Bruce of having poor communication and leadership styles, and board member Lynn Gaffey of harassing behavior.

Without the appointments, the board can not conduct business or approve any BID-related items. Scrima’s lists of public appointments were released Thursday.

Bill Huelsman and Natalie Walters – who did not resign from the board – are also on the board appointment list. The remaining two appointments are Nick Martinez, a downtown attorney, resident and property owner, and City Administrator Ed Henschel.

The BID is the downtown district and property owners are levied an additional tax assessment for serves of the BID, including recruitment and retention of business, marketing and event coordination.

Christine VanderBloemen October 12, 2012 at 02:16 PM
I am grateful that Mayor Scrima listened to the Common Council and is presenting his nominations. I thought that the mayor had listened to the Aldermen and the citizen comments and would have been smart enough not to re-appoint some of the same people who are part of the problem. I was hopeful that the mayor saw the need to get people into the BID who do not have an agenda. I guess I was wrong. If the Aldermen approve his appointments it will be business as usual and the Mayor will have his buddies on the BID board so he will continue to have control over it. I am also assuming that Mr. Henschel's appointment is temporary or if it is permanent that he is a non-voting member of the board as he is an employee of the City of Waukesha. Where is the independence of the BID with the current appointments?


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