Who Is Radcliffe Haughton, the Brookfield Shooting Suspect?

Radcliffe Haughton, 45, of Brown Deer is the suspect in Sunday's shooting at Azana Spa in Brookfield.

Radcliffe Haughton, 45, of Brown Deer is the suspect in the October 21 shooting at Azana Spa in Brookfield. Haughton was found dead inside the spa of self-inflicted wounds, police said.

Estranged Husband

Patch has learned the man wanted by police is apparently the estranged husband of one of the hair stylists at the spa.

A spa employee told Patch the hair stylist has been having problems since she left her husband. The man is believed to have slashed car tires in the parking lot of the spa and the business recently put up signs on most of its doors warning employees to keep them locked at all times.

The employee who spoke to Patch said the woman's estranged husband was out of work and his wife was working every day to bring in money to pay the bills. However, she recently decided to leave him, and that's when the problems started.

Online records suggest Haughton owed "Concours Motors" via a bank nearly $20,000 in 2006.

A delinquent tax warrant for $5,190.88 was also filed against Haughton on June 18, 2009, according to online court records. "Zina Haughton" is also listed as a defendant in the civil case. A "full satisfaction" judgment status was issued June 12, 2012. The case status is listed as "filed only."

Fox6now.com reported Radcliffe Haughton was attending classes at Milwaukee Area Technical College and that one of his professors said he seemed depressed in recent weeks.

Shooter's Facebook Page

The suspect's Facebook page lists his favorite quotation as:

“If God created the lamb then who created the tiger? There is no mention of the Tiger in the bible!”

In the "About Me" section of his Facebook page, it says:

At about the age of 4 I asked myself a question.
"Where was I before I was born?
What was I before I came into this body?
Those question are still yet unanswered, but each day I am reminded that every breath I take, every step I make and every beam of light that bounces off an object to give me sight must have been engineered by some greater being. That is why I ride and ride fast. Fear begins at 143.”

Haughton describes himself as divorced and says he graduated from Wheeling High School in 1985 in Illinois. He describes his employer as Haughton International Fairs, in sales, and says his hometown was Kingston, Jamaica.

Pictures show him with motorcycles and a young female relative.

On Oct. 9, he wrote: “Can anyone help get me out of Wisconsin?

On Oct. 8, he wrote: “Need to get out of Wisconsin, HELP”

On Oct. 3, he wrote: “Shooting birds”

On Aug. 14: “I predict this will catch on like wild fire. I might even try it” he wrote and posted a video of “sleeping man mistaken for floating corpse.”

Restraining Order, Home for Sale

On Oct. 8, a temporary restraining order was issued againt Haughton. Haughton was also charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct in 2011. Those charges, however, were dismissed.

A Brown Deer home is posted for sale online with "Radcliffe Haughton" listed as the seller. The "single family" home has a 53223 zip code, which matches the address listed for Haughton in online court records. The asking price is $245,000.

Haughton's Online Identity

There is a Google Plus account under Haughton's name featuring a picture of someone who resembles Haughton holding a gun-like object toward the camera.

A LinkedIn account for a man with the same name in "the Greater Milwaukee area" lists Haughton as "Owner at Haughton International Corporations."

Lisa October 23, 2012 at 02:45 PM
RIP... Radcliffe. I'm disappointed and sad & that you took innocent lives to deal with your problems.. What happen to you?? Condolences to the families..
GinnepSeed October 23, 2012 at 02:51 PM
So am I Reta
gg October 27, 2012 at 01:16 AM
Wonder if this is another case of someone on anti-depressants AKA suicide drug and makes people do violent acts. This has been the case in many homicides and also suicides! The drug even comes with this warning. It makes balanced people, unbalanced!
the rely October 27, 2012 at 01:54 PM
glenbrook south - 1985
william hogan November 30, 2012 at 11:59 PM
I met Radcliffe two years ago at northshore audi where he was the sales manager.a very pleasent and genuine person, and VERY likable.No one knows where the road turned, so let us pray for him, the victims his children and all of the families.


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