Man With Ties to Domestic Terrorist Group Charged With Threatening Judge

Michael Rinderle, 29, of Waukesha, was charged with threats to a public servant and 28 counts of harassment.

By Anthony Bellano
Moorestown Patch

A Waukesha man with ties to a domestic terrorist group has been charged with threatening and filing false charges against a municipal court judge and 27 others in retaliation for a parking violation offense filed against his wife in Voorhees, New Jersey, law enforcement officials announced Tuesday afternoon. 

Michael Rinderle, 29, of Waukesha, was charged with threats to a public servant and 28 counts of harassment, according to Camden County Prosecutor Warren W. Faulk, Voorhees Township Police Chief Louis Bordi, Winslow Township Police Chief Robert Stimelski, the New Jersey Treasury Office of Criminal Investigations and the New Jersey State Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.

Rinderle faces a similar felony charge in Waukesha County after being accused of harassing a Muskego judge over Rinderle's suspended driver's license, according to Living Lake Country. He was convicted of threatening to injure or accuse an official of crime and was sentenced to 60 days in jail on March 6. However, Rinderle was given credit for 47 days time served.

Rinderle allegedly became enraged with a Voorhees Township Municipal Court Judge due to traffic offenses filed against his common-law wife, Joann Ellis. Rinderle allegedly sent the judge an e-mail on Sept. 26 threatening to “financially ruin” the judge if charges against Ellis weren’t dropped. The judge ignored the request.

Rinderle allegedly filed fraudulent commercial liens against the judge and 27 other public officials in Voorhees, Winslow Township and communities in Burlington and Gloucester counties. This is including court staff and police personnel.

Rinderle identifies with the Sovereign Citizen movement, whose members advocate recognizing only common law and argue federal, state and municipal codes have no authority over them. 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation lists the Sovereign Citizen Movement as an extremist domestic terrorist threat. 

Sovereign Citizens attempt to use bureaucratic processes to engage in “paper terrorism.” Sovereign Citizens commonly use the type of fraudulent commercial liens filed by Rinderle as a form of  harassment, officials said.

The liens were filed without supporting evidence of a debt and can damage the credit rating of the victims. It is a criminal act to file a false lien against another person.

Rinderle was charged April 1 and Wisconsin authorities have been made aware of the charges against him.

Also contributing: Sarah Millard

מיכאל המלאך April 15, 2014 at 09:13 PM
So for the record.... 1. Absolute lie about the the charges, my NCIC database search shows that I'm facing a 300 mile extradition for "obstruction". 2. My wife was fighting municipal tickets for two years with no end in sight before I lodged NJ with commercial liens. 3. I was "enraged" because Judge Michael Diamond of Voorhees wrote out a fake warrant, arrested my wife with 10 state police, stated they were "sacrificing" her as they dragged her away, and put her in a room with over 30 cops harassing her for hours before taking her to county jail. 4. My liens always are supported by invoice or extra judicial charges per Federal restitution rules. Absolutely perfected lien, otherwise I would be charged with filing a fraudulent lien, and the NCIC search would substantiate it. It doesn't. 5. NJ black-bag opt me while trying to get back to Wisconsin for bail and legal help with my lawyer friends, resulting in PA charges. I was almost killed on the PA turnpike getting away from a rogue that tried running me off the road and tasing me as I fled for safety. 6. If I am a domestic terrorist, why am I not being detained by the Feds right now? Where is supporting evidence that I am tied with a domestic terrorist group or that I even have a record of any violence? 7. They claim the liens have been removed. True, they conspired to get the DOR in NJ to remove the public notice but they cannot destroy my private lien and I have public notices in other areas. 8. They claim an email was sent 9-26-13 but hadn't filed charges until 4-1-14, about 6 months later. They pulled out charges because other states caught wind of what they were trying to keep quiet. This is just a quick rebuttal to these dudes' reckless slandering and defamation of my wife and my self so my friends and family can get a glimpse of what is really going on in our lives and what we are facing right now...
Mr Lundt April 16, 2014 at 09:41 AM
It's not paranoia if the really are out to get you...


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