Man Exposes Himself to Gas Station Clerk; Thanksgiving Dysfunction; Unlicensed Taxi Cab

Waukesha Police Department calls from Nov. 22 through Nov. 25.

The following information was supplied by the Waukesha Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Ski Mask Creates Immediate Suspicion

A gas station clerk working the overnight shift was suspicious of a customer who was wearing a ski mask.

But what she saw was definitely not a robbery.

The woman was working early Sunday morning at the 1600 E. Sunset Drive, when the man came into the store. He walked over to her at 4:10 a.m. and asked her what time it was – while holding his exposed genitalia.

The man is described as being in his 20s, wearing a black jacket, a multi-colored shirt and dark pants. The store caught it on video but didn’t report the incident until 10:22 a.m. Sunday because the clerk was unsure of how to handle the situation until consulting with her manager.

Thanksgiving Dysfunction

Thanksgiving doesn’t always mean a happy time of eating turkey with family and reflecting on the past year.

One Waukesha woman spent her Thanksgiving being locked in her vehicle with her 3-month-old baby and her boyfriend’s parents at 11:19 p.m. Thursday in the 2100 block of Kensington Drive. The woman told police her boyfriend was chasing her in his SUV after they had a verbal argument that started when she wanted to have Thanksgiving dinner with her family.

The man trashed the apartment before the argument became physical, she told police.

The man was arrested at 11:49 p.m. Thursday for the domestic disturbance.

Taxi Cab Impostor?

It’s not what you would typically picture when you hear of a suspicious man picking up people at a bar.

A man who was using his van to pick up people from downtown bars as a “free service” when police gave him a stern warning to discontinue his “business” at 2:42 a.m. Saturday.

Police were contacted by another taxi cab service that the man was requiring “donations” to pick people up, but that he did not have a city permit to operate a taxi. Police made contact with the man where they discovered a van that had a placard that read “Superb Limo Service.”

When the man was told it would be his one and only warning from police to discontinue his shuttle service, he became angry and started beating his own van with his cane.

In other Waukesha Police Department calls:

  • A person reported at 8:16 a.m. Thursday hearing a loud domestic disturbance in the 400 block of Gascoigne Drive. When police arrived, they found there was a verbal argument between a mother and her four daughters. However, the family was calmly waiting for their turkey dinner.
  • An intoxicated man was arrested after he spilled drugs at a check-out counter in the 200 block of Madison Street at 3:28 p.m. Thursday. The man laughed and told the clerk “You weren’t supposed to see that” before putting the drugs back into his pocket.
  • An arrest was made after a domestic disturbance was reported at 7:39 p.m. Thursday in the 900 block of Pleasant Street.
  • A woman who overdosed on pills was transported to the hospital from the 2100 block of Macarthur Road at 12:24 a.m. Friday.
  • A tree blew down across University Drive near Summit Avenue because of the wind at 2:10 a.m. Friday.
  • A theft was reported at a business in the 1400 block of Pearl Street at 10:31 a.m. Friday.
  • A 2-year-old boy unlocked the door of his residence and was found wandering in his pajamas at 11 a.m. Friday near Arcadian and Hartwell avenues.
  • Juveniles threw a can of soda at a vehicle at 1:09 p.m. Friday at West Moreland Boulevard and Delafield Street.
  • A woman reported at 7:31 p.m. Friday that several men were dumping garbage cans, taking aluminum cans but were not picking up the litter near Macarthur Road and South Grandview Boulevard.
  • A burglary was reported at 8:33 p.m. Friday in the 1200 block of Lombardi Way.
  • A woman was taken into custody after it was reported at 9:11 p.m. Friday that a disorientated older woman walked up to a home in the 1200 block of Lombardi Way and told the person at the door “tell Tracy I was here.”
  • A caller reported at 9:58 p.m. Friday that a car hit a dog in the 800 block of North East Avenue. The dog ran into the woman’s backyard but the woman was afraid to check on the dog because it was injured. The dog was gone upon police arrival.
  • A caller found herself being arrested on a warrant when she called to report her intoxicated mother took her phone and threw a drink at her at 6:42 p.m. Saturday in the 1200 block of Aspen Drive. Police reported no problems at the residence other than the warrant out for the woman’s arrest.
  • A person was arrested on suspicion of intoxicated driving after one car crashed into two parked cars at 8:24 p.m. Saturday in the 2000 block of Springbrook South.
  • Items were reportedly stolen from a storage unit at 10:06 p.m. Saturday in the 1400 block of East North Street.
  • A 14-year-old girl who ran away from Milwaukee was found sleeping in a hallway in the 400 block of Wisconsin Avenue. She was taken into custody at 10:15 p.m. Saturday.
  • A person was arrested on suspicion of intoxicated driving during a traffic stop at 10:17 p.m. Saturday at North West Avenue and Elizabeth Street.
  • A man was arrested after it was reported he kicked down the door to his parents’ house and disconnected the phone lines at 11:31 p.m. Saturday in the 1900 block of Mallard Pointe Circle. The man had been kicked out of the home about two weeks earlier.
  • A disorderly conduct incident was reported at a bar at 11:59 p.m. Saturday in the 500 block of Lincoln Avenue.
  • Two men and a women were arrested after it was reported at 1:23 a.m. Sunday that two men were beating up a woman in the 2400 block of Pebble Valley Road.
  • A person was arrested on suspicion of intoxicated driving during a traffic stop at 2:15 a.m. Sunday during a traffic stop at Wisconsin Avenue and North Barstow Street.
  • A GPS was stolen from an unlocked vehicle at 3:11 p.m. Sunday in the 100 block of South East Avenue.
Jon Heil November 27, 2012 at 04:01 PM
Ha! Trojans aisle 3!
Herbert November 27, 2012 at 10:42 PM
The store clerk was unsure how to "handle it"... LOL
Ted December 03, 2012 at 12:14 PM
The clerk told the guy to hang on a minute while she got a magnifying glass to see what it was.
David J Kane December 03, 2012 at 05:50 PM
Didn't know how to "handle" the situation? That's hilarious.
P.J. December 04, 2012 at 01:56 PM
Say Hi to my little friend... i hope he wasnt excited.. other wise that would be an insult to his ego !! SHe should have smacked it with something and make it go away.


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