Man Drinks Bottle of Vodka, Gets Tasered

Kenosha man barricades himself in a Waukesha bathroom and begins to break stuff and growl before he's taken into custody, according to a criminal complaint.

A Kenosha man is facing multiple charges after he drank an entire bottle of vodka then barricaded himself inside a bathroom in a Waukesha apartment Monday.

Jason M. Williams, 36, was charged in on Thursday with one count of criminal damage to property, one count of disorderly conduct and one count of felony bail jumping. If convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison and $21,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

At 4 p.m. Monday, police were called to an upper apartment in the 400 block of East St. Paul Avenue after the person who lived there was scared of Williams because he had consumed an entire bottle of vodka and was smashing things around the apartment.

When police arrived, they discovered Williams had barricaded himself inside the bathroom and was smashing things and growling.

Police tried to talk with Williams, who would only growl at them. They eventually were able to get the door open then stun him with a Taser in order to place Williams under arrest.

Williams was bleeding profusely and kept fading in and out of consciousness given his high level of intoxication.

The man who lived in the apartment told police Williams and another friend came to his apartment and they watched Williams drink the entire bottle of vodka. Williams went to the bathroom to vomit. However, Williams began to scream and break things, so the apartment resident called police.

Williams is currently being held in Waukesha County Jail on $500 bail.


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