Listen to the 911 Call in 12-Year-Old's Stabbing

A calm Greg Steinberg assists the victim as the 911 dispatcher sends help to the Waukesha park where he found her.

WAUKESHA, WI — Audio of the 911 call — placed after a bicyclist discovered a 12-year-old girl allegedly stabbed by her two young friends last weekend — reveals a calm Good Samaritan coached through the ordeal by a dispatcher.

The recording was released by authorities on Wednesday.

Greg Steinberg who found the girl called the Waukesha Police Department after she crawled to the roadside on Saturday morning.

"She says she's having trouble breathing," Steinberg says on the call. "She says she has been stabbed multiple times."

Waukesha Memorial Hospital upgraded the girl's condition Wednesday to "fair," where previously it was listed as "critical but stable."

Steinberg released a statement and said he would not be doing interviews with news media: "Our family wishes to offer its thoughts and prayers to the victim, her family, and to the entire community, which is profoundly shocked and saddened by the recent event."

The identity of the victim has not been released by authorities, but she is a fellow student at Horning Middle School, along with the accused — Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, both 12 years old. 

They have been charged with first-degree attempted homicide. They are accused of luring the girl to David's Park, holding her down and stabbing her 19 times.

Karen Itzenhuiser June 08, 2014 at 03:23 AM
Such a horrific thing to happen to a young child that thought she was with her friends to have fun. I can't imagine what was going through her mind when these two girls turned on her and tried to kill her. I do hope the family gets some good counseling for her so she isn't afraid to go out in public and make new friends. May the child and her family find comfort in knowing that there are many good people out here that are praying for them and a speedy recovery for the child. God Bless her! And a big thank you to Greg Steinberg for his quick action to get help.
Alcyone June 08, 2014 at 11:19 AM
A family is in shock/denial and clueless. As is the school-principal, the police, as well as the rest of the world. The victim still lives, probably because her 'attempting killers' were kids too. Their age also is a prime reason for the shock: kids that age don't do those things, people think. And if they do, they can't be 'our regular everyday-6th grade-kind', as their school-principal says. Cognitive dissonance everywhere, which nothing or no one comes to release. That's why we just dissimulate the facts, add crazyness, add more consonant material, like the school-principal wishing help for the accused. And yet - more disturbing facts keep piling up: An Ohio mother says her 13-year-old stabbed her multiple times to please Slender Man. This phenomenon successfully eludes our comprehension, 'surprises us from the back', because it involves actors we deem not capable of such acts. Are we truly aware of the power of those horror-tales ? Do we truly grasp why they meet with such worldwide appreciation ? Do we buy the lame excuses from the website-admins of creepypasta ?
Dawn Carrasco June 09, 2014 at 12:41 PM
The spiritual world-a world that people would rather think is not real or is a figment of a Jesus freak or other-"is more powerful than anything we can imagine. "Cleatly, anyone can be used as tools for either demonic forces to carry out their madness, or for the light of the Lord. Two paths. Two choices. Look around you. Its not hard to see whats going on but people would rather not and just have "positive thinking" that things will one day stop and just get all better and birds will again sing, flowers wouikl again bloom, while children frolic and play outdoors with one another. NOT. this is satanic. Satan and his army using peopke as tools and there IS a battle for everyones soul right now whether you vhoose to believe it or not. The battke on earth is coming soon according to the Word, which hasnt lied yet and we are almost at the end of the book. Please people- start even having willingness to be willing. Thats a start. There is much deception.Two paths. Two choices. John 3:16. And thas for starters. God bless this little girl and may her and her family, AND the good samaritan be blessed, and healed fully. Much Love.Xo<><
Ken Lewis June 09, 2014 at 04:03 PM
And this my fellow americans is what you develope when you take prayer out of schools. Make it offensive to use in public speeches. Ban it in any public media or organization etc. etc. You may feel God is not real. So be it. But if just the concept of God existing puts the fear of doing things like this in chilren and adults and curbs as little as 1% of the violence and corruption and drug abuse we have today is that so offensive that it warrants banning prayer in schools or the belief in God that chilren were once taught???? If it prevents something like this happening to your child or having your own child facing these charges is that so wrong?? I think not. I personally believe the fear of God stops more wrong doing than the fear of spending your life in jail does. What harm does it do to believe in God? Absolutely NONE. Rationalize this. If after you die there is no heaven or hell you won't know and you won't care because you won't know "BUT" just what if there is? You will be happy you did believe in him (GOD). It's a winning out come either way.


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