Infant Nearly Killed by Wigged-Out Woman in Speeding Car

Driver charged with a felony after plowing into another car at 80 miles per hour on Mayfair Road, causing 2-week-old girl to be ejected in car seat with life-threatening injuries.

A 2-week-old girl suffered severe injuries after she was ejected from her mother's car when it was hit by a driver going an estimated 80 miles per hour on North Mayfair Road.

The driver caused a four-car accident with five injuries and has been charged with felony reckless driving causing great bodily harm.

Susan Kline, 64, of Glendale faces up to three years and six months in prison if convicted in Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

According to the criminal complaint, Kline was speeding because she was angry over being unable to find a "wig club" meeting she wanted to attend.

Police were called to the scene at North Mayfair and West Capitol Drive and found four cars badly damaged and multiple accident victims.

A witness told officers he had been driving north on Mayfair at about 40 mph when a small car passed him "like I was standing still." He estimated its speed at 80 mph.

Ahead, he saw another car crossing the northbound lanes, making a left turn onto eastbound Capitol. The speeding car plowed into it broadside without slowing down, he said.

Victim never even saw her coming

The driver of the car Kline hit was a young mother with her 4-year-old son and 2-week-old daughter in the back seat, both properly restrained. She said she looked before entering her turn but never saw Kline coming before she was struck.

Kline's Honda Accord made a direct hit on the rear passenger side door of the victims' Chrysler Sebring, driving it into another car stopped at the light on Capitol. Flying debris from the crash shattered the windshield on yet another car.

The panicked mother could not see her infant daughter – nor her car safety seat. The rear passenger door of her car had been ripped completely off the vehicle.

The driver of the car hit while waiting on Capitol saw the child seat, with the infant girl strapped into it, hanging from the outside of the wrecked car. Despite his own minor injuries, he ran to help the child and mother. He would later tell officers that he saw Kline approaching a moment before the impact, and she was "flying."

The baby was rushed to Children's Hospital, where she was put into a full body cast after her injuries were determined. She had a fractured skull with brain bleeding, her right thigh bone was broken in three places, and her right arm and collar bone were broken.

Miraculously, she was quickly pronounced stabilized. Her 4-year-old brother was treated for a broken ankle, a concussion and a cut on his forehead that required a number of stitches to close. Their mother suffered only back, neck and head pain.

Defendant upset over missing wig meeting

Police interviewed Kline at Froedtert Hospital, where she was being treated for a broken ankle and 13 broken ribs. 

She told officers, “First of all, I was speeding because I was mad" – because she wears a wig, and she had been trying to find a "wig club" meeting, and unable to locate it, she was upset by all of her time being wasted.

Kline said she thought she had been driving only about 50 miles an hour and that by the time she saw the Sebring turning in front of her, she had no time to apply her brakes.

But even though Kline's precise speed could not be determined, Department of Transportation camera footage from the intersection corroborated witnesses' statements that Kline entered the intersection "at a very high rate of speed."

Police accident investigators impounded both Kline's and the victim's cars, and learned that the infant had, as her mother said, been properly restrained in a brand-new infant safety seat of the latest design.

It was of a two-piece type, with the removable seat locking into a base that is anchored to the car's back seat. The base had been properly attached.

The impact was so powerful, though, the seat itself, with the baby harnessed in, was ripped off the base and launched out of the interior of the car.

Randy1949 February 10, 2013 at 04:53 PM
Possibly. Or maybe it was just a hissy-fit. After reading about the extent of this baby girl's injuries I'm becoming angrier and angrier. Leg broken in three places, brain bleed . . . I really hope this woman serves the maximum sentence for this.
Tosa Mom February 10, 2013 at 06:00 PM
What a lesson. Nothing is as important as human life. Bless this poor baby and her family. I can't even image the horror that mother went through. I hope the baby has doctors who worked miracles that keep her from lifelong suffering because of this. And I hope the woman stays in jail until that baby is 100%.
Jim Price February 11, 2013 at 03:06 AM
If there is anyone at any place that can mitigate this child's long-term injuries, it is the doctors, nurses and therapists of Children's Hospital. We are blessed to have this extraordinary Level 1 pediatric trauma center in our community. While none can work true miracles, these people come as close as any. We can only hope and pray that in this case they will be able to give this innocent child a chance for a healthy and normal development.
JustMe February 17, 2013 at 02:19 AM
I guess you could say she "wigged out".
Michael in the middle February 17, 2013 at 09:59 AM
It's sad to see something like this happen. People need to slow it down out here. Speed limits have reasons.. Too often I see people going 60mph on Mayfair, they fly pass me just to be at the same stop sign as me. You really are not saving any more time driving like your completely out of your mind. Now for this woman I think she needs to lose her license, impound her car to help pay for the medical bills and spend some time behind bars so she can think about what she done. Going that fast is just like pointing a gun in a public place and shooting it all over the place.. My prayers go out to this family.


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