Combative Man Tased 3 Times by Deputy

Suspect is arrested after he was spotted sleeping in a grassy area Saturday and scuffled with a deputy, according to a criminal complaint

A 34-year-old Town of Waukesha man is facing charges after the intoxicated man in the grass, then was stunned with a Taser three times in order to be taken into custody.

Lloyd G. Kiekhefor III was charged in on Monday with one count of attempted battery of a police officer and one count of resisting an officer. If convicted, he faces up to nearly four years in prison and $15,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

At 2:51 a.m. Saturday, a Waukesha County sheriff’s deputy was called to the S3200 block of Genesee Road after someone spotted Kiekhefor laying in the grass. The deputy approached Kiekhefor and realized he was passed out, snoring and smelling of intoxicants.

The deputy tried to wake Kiekhefor up, but he wouldn’t get up. He continued to try and wake him up, but Kiekhefor opened his eyes, swore at the deputy and refused to get up.

The officer tried to lift him by the shoulder, but when he let go, Kiekhefor went back down, then swung at the deputy and hit him in the lower leg.

He began to struggle with the deputy and ripped a button off his uniform. The deputy shoved him 12 feet away and pulled out his Taser. Kiekhefor charged at the deputy, but he was stopped by the Taser.

Kiekhefor tried to get up, so the deputy stunned him again. He tried to get up again, so the deputy stunned him a third time.

Kiekhefor was arrested and taken to the hospital where he broke down and cried to the deputy saying he had just broke up with his wife and was having hard times and his friends left him at the night of the incident.

He had a blood alcohol level of 0.156 percent. He’s currently free on a $1,000 signature bond while awaiting trial.  


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