A Different Something Blue: Man Knocked Unconscious at Wedding

Randy S. Lunda, 38, is accused of fracturing a man's skull during a fight at a wedding in Waukesha.

A 38-year-old man is accused of hitting a man so hard at a wedding that he caused a subdural hematoma, fracturing the man’s skull, according to a criminal complaint.

Randy S. Lunda, whose address is listed as the Waukesha County Jail, is charged with aggravated battery from an Aug. 11 fight at the Country Springs Hotel.

If convicted, Lunda faces up to seven years in prison if convicted because he has a prior felony conviction.

According to the complaint:

Several witnesses saw Lunda hit a man, knocking him unconscious at a wedding for three to four minutes. After the man was punched, a bridesmaid said the man got what he deserved because he had been talking crap about her kids all night long.

The man had a cut below his eye and was missing a tooth. Medical reports stated the man received a 6-centimeter brain bleed and a skull fracture. The man told police he was not sure where his tooth went after the fight or if he had swallowed it.

Lunda told police the man was making inappropriate comments to Lunda’s girlfriend’s son when the fight started during the wedding. The man grabbed Lunda’s shoulder, so Lunda told police he hit the man, feeling that he was defending himself.

Lunda admitted drinking between four or five drinks at the wedding.

A bartender at the wedding reported, however, that the man who was hit was cut off because he was being a jerk and swearing when he was told he couldn’t have free shots. The bartender said he saw Lunda throw a glass of beer in the man’s face and then the man hit the floor.


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