12-Year-Olds Planned Birthday Stabbing of Friend and Classmate: Cops

Two girls lured another girl to a wooded area and stabbed her 19 times the morning after a sleepover, according to police.

Police search the area near Big Bend Road and Rivera Drive in Waukesha for evidence. WISN TV Screen shot.
Police search the area near Big Bend Road and Rivera Drive in Waukesha for evidence. WISN TV Screen shot.

posted June 2, 2014

WAUKESHA, WI — Two 12-year-old girls plotted to kill a classmate, luring her to a weekend birthday-party sleepover and then a wooded park where one they stabbed her repeatedly, according to authorities.

One child held the victim to the ground while the other plunged the knife into her chest, arms and legs, according to police. The victim, also 12, crawled to a nearby road in Waukesha, WI, where a passing bicyclist found her Saturday morning.

Stabbed 19 times, the child underwent surgery at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and she clings desperately to life.

On Monday, the girls appeared in court and a judge set bail at $500,000 for each girl. Both are charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide and will be tried as adults.

The girls were identified in open court and the criminal complaint as Morgan E. Geyser, whose birthday was May 30, and Anissa E. Weier, reports JSOnline.com.

The accused girls plotted the crime for months, according to police.

"As the details became more apparent, it's extremely disturbing as a parent and as a chief of police, especially with the age of the suspects and being female," Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "This is a very disturbing investigation."

A sheriff's deputy picked up the girls on Saturday afternoon, around 2:30 p.m., as they walked alongside Interstate 94. "Obvious evidence" of a crime was in view as police approached the girls, the chief said, and a knife was found.

Police marked off an area near Big Bend Road and Rivera Drive and collected evidence.

Jack said the children were motivated by a website featuring stories about death and horror.

"The Internet can be full of dark and wicked things. Unmonitored and unrestricted access to the Internet by children is a growing and alarming problem," the chief said Monday, declining to identify the website or the story.

JSOnline.com identified the site as "Creepypasta Wiki," citing the criminal complaint. The website features user submissions of horror-genre fiction.

The girls were particularly fascinated with the story of Slenderman, a killer of children. According to the criminal complaint, the girls planned to kill their friend so they could be "proxies of Slenderman."

Geyser's family wept openly in the courtroom as the child appeared for her bail hearing Monday.

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Kaos8 June 30, 2014 at 08:29 AM
Well, I can see where this is going.... I don't care if they watched porn all day or the movie Saw and listened to rock and roll. To blame the internet website for their actions is completely assinine! 1. It is obvious that these 2 girls do not know the difference between right and wrong -morally. It is something you are born with...unless of course you were brainwashed in someway or another. A million people are on the intenet every day and do not go out killing people because of a cult fascination, unless something is wrong with them. 2. at 12yrs old to have planned out a murder like they did- which according to this article, they planned for quite some time- indicates that they have psychopathic tendancies- which having worked with law and law enforcement for a long time can tell you- there must of been signs of this coming. 2- 12yr old girls don't just plan for a month or longer to kill another little girl, as their first bad deed...They must have done things before this- that were probably swept under the carpet or given a slap on the wrist. Usually the first step to this is killing/maiming animals...hurting intentionally other siblings or children... Saying and doing things that are just not normal behaviour for 12yr old girl...Mark My Words- THERE WERE SIGNS.... Funny- how none of them seemed to make it into this article...parents probably coddled these children and kept telling other people excuses for the situations.
Kaos8 June 30, 2014 at 08:33 AM
All that being said- I really hope that the victim is going to make it. No doubt she will have a long mental road ahead of her, once she makes it out of the hospital. I really hope that these 2 acting little psychopaths have to pay this little girl for the rest of their lives -via whatever pittance they make from working in prison. Not to mention, where are the parents in all this...Even though being tried as adults- which is what should be happening...Are the parents still held responsible for their child's actions? I am definately going to be following this case.
C J H June 30, 2014 at 05:16 PM
I feel sick...Obvoiusly the girl who was stabbed didn't see it coming, she felt comfortable enough with the suspects to go to a sleep over, do you think this poor little 12 yr old victim will EVER trust that her friendships are true? Talk about a one, two, she is going to be physically and emotionally scarred for life..
Barbara J. Hein July 01, 2014 at 08:20 AM
I wonder what TV show or movie the 12 year olds got this idea from!!?
Barbara J. Hein July 01, 2014 at 08:22 AM
Please be advised that there is NO such thing as true friends!! True friends are something that only exists in the fantasy world. I speak from my experience and that of family. True friends is just a term, just a couple of words grouped together.


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