Letter to the Editor: Waukesha West Bypass Long Overdue

The completion of the Waukesha West Bypass presents a great opportunity to increase the efficiency, capacity and safety of traffic flow for businesses, property owners and tenants on the south and west end of Waukesha.

To the Editor:

The Waukesha County Business Alliance has been a long standing advocate for the completion of the Waukesha West Bypass. Travelers currently face extended delays when trying to navigate north and south throughout Waukesha. In addition, there are numerous safety concerns due to capacity issues and current roadway design. The completion of the Waukesha West Bypass presents a great opportunity to increase the efficiency, capacity and safety of traffic flow for businesses, property owners and tenants on the south and west end of Waukesha.

By 2035 SEWRPAC estimates that traffic counts on this stretch will range from 13,000 Vehicles Per Day (VPD) by Sunset Drive and 20,000 VPD closer to I-94. The current two lane structure on this stretch has reached its capacity as WISDOT generally considers improving to a four lane system when traffic counts exceed 13,000 VPD.  As a resident of Waukesha, living along this corridor, I understand firsthand the necessity of this project to relieve traffic, increase safety and improve our community.

Waukesha County has worked very closely with numerous state and federal agencies including WISDOT, EPA, and the FHWA to ensure that all of the alternatives considered will be completed in a safe and environmentally friendly fashion. The Waukesha County Business Alliance continues to support a true bypass, identified as the Pebble Creek Far West Alternative, connecting at the intersection of Highway 59 and St. Paul Avenue and a four-lane expansion of Highway TT from Highway 59 to I-94.

The south side of Waukesha remains a robust and growing marketplace with The Shoppes at Fox River continuing to attract national retailers such as TJ Maxx and Target, and manufacturing companies such as Weldall Manufacturing and SPX Transformer Solutions completing large additions to their facilities. The businesses in this area continue to expand and increased access to the I-94 corridor will be another amenity that a business can consider when considering locating or expanding in Waukesha. The completion of this Bypass is long overdue and we support the construction of the Pebble Creek Far West Alternative.

Jeff Hoffman
Chairman, Infrastructure Committee
Waukesha County Business Alliance

BC December 02, 2012 at 05:56 PM
I recall clearly, that one visionary brought this topic to point in the early 60's. His foresight encouraged planning to this goal. Laurel Hause, the Chairman of the County Board back in the early 60's, hoped that the land would be developed in a way that would foster smart and careful choices toward an efficient flow of traffic within this thriving area, to the benefit of all of its population. Lets not forget the long term goals of an efficient, sensible city infrastructure that has lacked terribly in the past. The days of finding an easy way out can no longer be considered.
Shannon Majewski December 04, 2012 at 12:19 PM
This road is not being designed to manage existing or future "local" traffic. It is creating a trucking route. Conscience should dictate that we not plow a trucking route through a series of neighborhoods; 60 years of poor planning has resulted in potentially thousands of families paying the price both figuratively and literally. To me it is beyond interesting that the businesses are being given a louder voice in this than the people who LIVE here.
Karen Catura December 04, 2012 at 02:54 PM
I am not certain who memberships consists when one addresses the "Waukesha County Business Alliance." However, it would seem to me that the businesses located in the City of Waukesha downtown area and those located anywhere along Grandview Blvd. would organize and be vehemently opposed to being "bypassed". The downtown area has made some progress over the past decade to increase their visibility in the marketplace. This road will remove a great deal of traffic that currently uses Les Paul Parkway and move it to business to the West. The "City" business owners would do well for themselves to organize a group and unite against those "County" business owners being represented in this article. City business needs to stand up and protest their business being "bypassed.".


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