Letter to the Editor: Support Karalewitz for County Clerk

The Republican primary election for Waukesha County clerk is Aug. 14.

To the Editor:

Waukesha County residents have an opportunity to vote on Aug. 14 and advance an experienced county clerk candidate to the general election on Nov. 6.  We need to elect a county clerk who not only has experience in running elections, but has the additional skills and leadership qualities to successfully run the county clerk’s office.

Out of the three candidates running, only one has 25 years of election experience in this County and that is Kathy Karalewitz (the other candidates only have a combined three years of experience!). In Kathy’s 25 years of public service, she has spent eight years as the Waukesha County deputy clerk and 14 years as a municipal clerk. She has experience in budget planning and management, human resource management and strategic planning and procurement at both the municipal and county government level. She understands the process, and understands how to get things done. Kathy is a certified municipal clerk and a certified election inspector trainer with the WI Government Accountability Board.

Kathy Karalewitz is the only candidate on the Aug. 14 ballot who has the knowledge and experience to walk into the job and start fixing the current issues in the clerk’s office on day one. This county needs to move forward and restore the trust and integrity in our election process and in our county clerk’s office by electing an experienced clerk candidate.  Please vote K. Karalewitz on Aug. 14.


Kay Clabault
Mukwonago, WI

Richard July 27, 2012 at 01:18 PM
Who are the other candidates and who is backing them?
RockyRun August 07, 2012 at 03:02 AM
Karelewicz has a high school diploma and a history of job hopping. 25 years within virtually the same four walls doing the same thing with basically the same people. What is her management experience? Why no self-development - associate's degree, even just some college courses? Her experience is primarily in an office support role. The next County Clerk will have a target on her back. She better be comfortable working with the public and the media, not dodging them or coming up with weak excuses (think the Spring election when she was the absolute last clerk to bring in her records). The County Clerk job is far more complicated than just showing up in an office. Novack has extensive leadership experience in a highly political environment (10 years Washington DC). Masters degree. Public relations and communications experience. We should want more than the opportunity to promote a current clerk. Novack is the professional package the county needs to get its reputation of competency and integrity back.
W . Benz August 09, 2012 at 06:08 PM
Just why did Karalewitz leave Menomonee Falls as clerk ? The Menomonee Falls RINO's and the Cabal ....Sue Jeskewitz , Jim Jeskewitz , Jim Dwyer , Joe [ Boss Hog ] Greco ..... supporting KARALEWITZ MOMMY Patricia Madden--Former Clerk -- is also supporting her . Ask yourself why? Media Matters also has a story about MF and not using the systems everyother Village and Town were using to transfer data to the county .. Guess who the clerk was and who was the last clerk to deliver her totals to the Co ,,,, Because it's so far to drive.


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