Craig Applauds Health Care Decision by Walker

Representative for 83rd District praising Gov. Walker's decision to let the federal government handle health care exchanges under Obamacare, keeping the state from 'doing their dirty work'

The following is from a release from the office of Dave Craig in response to Governor Scott Walker's decision to have the federal government run the health care exchange program under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

“I applaud the Governor on once again leading the nation by refusing to establish a state-based ObamaCare health insurance exchange in Wisconsin.  I have opposed ObamaCare implementation in Wisconsin since I first ran for office in 2011 and will continue to do so.  States that implement ObamaCare exchanges believing they will have flexibility from the heavy hand of the federal government do so at their taxpayers’ peril.  Other states need to realize that ObamaCare makes states nothing more than a puppet of the federal government.” 

Craig went on: “In order to hide the real price tag of ObamaCare, Congress and President Obama asked the states to do their dirty work for them in creating and operating ObamaCare exchanges.  I am proud to say that Wisconsin will not be a victim of the ObamaCare bait and switch. We know that ObamaCare will only lead to higher cost health care and more government intrusion into the patient-doctor relationship.  Federal mandates like this bad law will not lower health care costs or increase choice for consumers.  Only a free-market, consumer-driven approach will address the underlying issue that ails our healthcare system: the cost of care.” 

For more information, please contact Representative Craig’s office (toll-free) at 888-534-0083 or email him at Rep.Craig@legis.wisconsin.gov.


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