Teaser Tuesday . . . Sort Of

Greenfield blogger Jenna Czaplewski offers her book review of Julianna Baggott's "Pure."

I'm cheating a little with this week's Teaser Tuesday post. Instead of grabbing the book that I'm actually currently reading, I'm grabbing the book that I finished right before light's out last evening. Because, technically, I'm not currently reading a book. I finished before bed last night and have yet to start the next book. So, I'll do a little teaser quote from the book I finished last night, and a little review of that book, and also a teaser quote from the book I'll be starting tonight (after going to see West Side Story at the Marcus Center, of course!)

So, we'll start with Pure, by Julianna Baggott:

"Your father had my parents killed. He probably even gave the order."

I picked up "Pure" at the at the end of last week when I stopped in to pick up three other books that I had requested. I had read a little about the book and saw it on the new arrivals shelves and thought I'd add it to my stash. (Side note: my mother laughed when she saw me prance in with four books and two CDs. She knows me, right? She knows I read a book every few days, yes? She doubts my ability to finish said acquisitions before they are due back! But I'll prove her wrong!) I was proud of myself because, after reading several books that are part of trilogies, I found a stand-alone book.

Or so I thought.

I read the fly leaf, I totally did! I didn't see anything about "Pure" being part of a series. After getting 20 or so pages in, I checked out the author bio and, in the very last sentence, the words sprang up that made me curse out loud. "For more information about her or the Pure trilogy . . . " ARGH! Another trilogy! And, to make matters worse, "Pure," being book one, just came out. Another agonizing, torturous wait for subsequent books. The things I do for the love of reading!

So, let me tell you a little about "Pure." The book is set at a time in the future after the world has been destroyed by a series of nuclear detonations. Gated communities that once flaunted backyard plastic playground equipment are now knows as the Meltlands; vast areas of commerce and business have been relegated to the Rubble Fields. A select group of the population have been housed in the Dome and are safe. The mass of people outside the Dome, however, haven't been that lucky. Many were killed on impact. Many more survived the initial blast, but not the injuries they sustained. People like Pressia Belze and her grandfather are alive . . . though altered. Pressia has a doll's head fused to her right hand and her grandfather lives with a small fan embedded in this throat. Still others, like Bradwell, have fused with other living creatures. (Bradwell has three live birds fused to his back.)

The world Julianna Baggott creates is a stark and vivid one, but disturbingly so. It's a haunting landscape and she does a masterful job of sweeping you away into that world. There were several times when reading when I was physically uncomfortable and found myself looking away from the pages to blink myself back to the reality of the world as it is.

Inside the world of "Pure," Pressia is about to turn 16 - a dangerous time for those outside of the Dome. But, inside the Dome, Partridge has become disillusioned and is searching for a way out of his sheltered life. Partridge is a Pure - a young man who was protected from the detonations by the Dome. He's been taught lies about what actually happened and about the survivors outside of the Dome, and going outside to find the truth about his mother, leads him to more truths that he had no idea about. Pressia, Partridge and Bradwell are about to discover the truth about not only the world around them, but also about themselves.

"Pure" is action-packed and sweeping; an exciting novel filled with intrigue, plot twists and, yes, love. I enjoyed the book - and I'm looking forward to book two . . . whenever it comes out. (And yes, I'll be returning my copy to the library in the next few days, so it'll be available for you to read!)

Next up: "Duty and Desire" by Pamela Aidan. Here's a teaser:

"A sudden cascade of feminine laughter brought Darcy's eyes snapping back open and a flush of heat crept up his neck. Had his lapse bee noted?"

What are you all reading?

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St. Swithin April 11, 2012 at 01:14 AM
_The Wise Man's Fear_ by Patrick Rothfuss. "This was his newest way to waste our time. At the beginning of every lecture he demanded an interesting fact he had never heard before." Rothfuss has a flowing style that lulls you into the story. You almost scoff at the simplicity of the story line until ten chapters in you realize you can't put it down. I sympathize with your fear of series. I became enthralled with _A Game of Thrones_ when the first book came out. Now the bastard keep extending it past his original target of 5 books. His last book was nothing but bridging to further develop and position his characters. And he even had the gall to introduce new characters in a series that already has almost 100. I refuse to read any more until he announces that the LAST book has been released.


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