Reverse Robinhood

Governor Walker is stickin' it to the poor in order to balance his $216 MILLION DOLLAR budget deficit.

Saturday mornings are usually my time to relax - the kids are taking gymnastics class and I either read in peace and quiet while I wait for them to finish or I talk with another parent whose kids attend the same school that mine do. And we never talk about politics. I have no idea what her politics are and I don't care. She is a nice person and we get along just fine, usually talking the entire time about simple things. The time flies by. My hour and a half are up in no time. I usually take the kids home and we wake up mom from her one day of sleeping in and have a big breakfast together.

Last Saturday didn't quite go as planned. As soon as gymnastics ended my kids went to put on their winter layers to head out and I stood near the door waiting. The father of a girl in my daughter's class looked at me kind of funny, shook his head and leaned in real close (it gets pretty crowded during class-change time) "So do you guys plan on paying the state back after you lose the recall election?" he whispers.

He had noticed the small button I wear on my jacket that says, "I Recalled Scott Walker Today".

I had never shared a word with this guy before and had only seem him in passing. But he asked for it . . . "Only if you guys pay back the $6 million it's going to cost to implement the voter ID law."

"Worth every penny," he said. "One person, one vote."

"There were 12 cases of voter fraud during the last presidential election in Wisconsin and six of them were felons who didn't know they couldn't vote, which will not be caught with the new voter ID law," I informed him. "So you think it's worth $1 million dollars per fraudulent vote? That's worth disenfranchising tens of thousands of people just so you guys can win an election?"

Before he could muster a comeback his daughter was running out the door to his minivan. "We'll talk next week," he said with a smirk.

Unfortunately, we probably will . . . and this time I will mention the $26 MILLION Scott Walker and JB Van Hollen are stealing from Wisconsin victims of the mortgage meltdown.

Wisconsin was awarded $140 million in the settlement, most of which will go towards those hit with foreclosure, but law allows the Scotty and his buddy JB the right to direct the last $30 million or so of the funding as they see fit - and how do they see fit? To give it to those who lost their homes due to predatory lending practices . . .

Hell No! They are going to steal it to balance Walker's $216 MILLION budget deficit. That's right - at the same time he airs commercials claiming to have balanced Wisconsin's budget, he is stealing from those who lost their homes to balance a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar budget shortfall.

I guess the difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Democrats steal from the poor to give to the rich while Democrats steal from the rich to give to the poor.

Personally, I side with the Democrats. It seems as though they may be on the right side of history - and integrity.


And if this dad is so worried about voter integrity and he is serious about believing in "One person, one vote" than I shall also have to mention the story about Republican Representative Joel Kleefisch (Becky's hubby) voting for two of his absent Republicans.

This is more like "One person, three votes". And he didn't even have to show an ID. http://www.todaystmj4.com/features/iteam/140096183.html

Apparently this kind of "ghost voting" is common, but if my Representative Jeff Stone is too lazy and sleeping in his office, too busy taking a major dump, or too booked-up meeting with corporate lobbyists to actually show up for a vote - then screw him - He doesn't get a vote.

My wife can't show up for me to cast my ballot even though she knows exactly how I would cast each vote. Why should these bums have privileges that we don't - especially when they are the ones questioning "voter integrity".

What total hypocrites!

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Richard February 27, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Randy, I don't intend to stand still and let people like you chip away at my rights and disenfranchise my vote! Now, I would believe that your mother is on social security and if so when I had to sign up for social security I was required to present a birth certificate or certified copy thereof, was your mother excused from that requirement? Also, when I applied to become a census worker before I could take the test I had to produce a birth certificate and a photo ID, now come on Randy, your excuses re voter ID are so weak as to be nonsense. I'm sure there are seniors like me that would be more than willing to help someone obtain the necessary documentation to have proper ID to register to vote.
Cynthia February 27, 2012 at 10:25 PM
I just had this talk with our youngest...... along with In my 47 years I have never swore in front of my parents not because they smacked me around if I would have, but because we learned respect and (we were scared of "when your father gets home....) We also talked this morning on our way to school about how Tech schools offer classes in their HS because kids these days grow up unskilled because they rely to much on electronic 'toys' and lack the skills needed for a job. He laughs when I tell him how we used to play with sticks and rocks or take walks through the woods.... We were hardly ever in the house... I started working at age 14 and could repair things around the house... worse thing I can remember is having Dad on the roof turning the TV antenna and yelling about if the channel was good or not...... "Sing or something so I know you are there...... Good picture yet?? Talk to me.... " Oh how I love cable...........
Jason Patzfahl February 28, 2012 at 01:06 PM
@JB & Alfred, I am not a full-time stay-at-home dad, but my line of work is in the landscaping profession, so this time of year I am home more than I am at work, but it is quite the opposite once the weather changes. So, if you loathe my postings, they will likely become less frequent. JB, I respect you for being a stay-at-home parent and I respect you even more for admitting it. It is a tough job and one with the kind of intrinsic rewards that only those who have attempted this kind of life can understand. We should be proud to be the kind of fathers who took the time to be at home and help raise our children.
Bryant Divelbiss March 04, 2012 at 09:36 PM
The vast majority of so-called victims deserved to be foreclosed on. The case was based on the process used and signing documents without verification. Because the loans were packaged and resold it was a mess to ensure correct paperwork. So a lot paperwork was wrong, but it does not change the fact the people were deserving to be foreclosed on. So who really deserves the money? Let the state keep it all and we all benefit.
Bryant Divelbiss March 04, 2012 at 09:37 PM
I do not see the big deal, sure we can waste the money on another help the irresponsible people program. If they had a class action lawsuit the lawyers would have taken 1/3 to 1/2 and the people foreclosed on would get coupons to save the next time they got a mortgage with that bank. So it would make sense for the state to take 1/3 which would at least would benefit all of Wisconsin instead of wasted.


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