Panera Launches Hidden Menu

The menu is only available to those who know about it.

Panera Bread restaurant lovers now have an entirely new menu to enjoy. But there's a twist: You won’t see it advertised at any Panera location. 

That’s right, Panera has launched a new hidden menu, available only to those who know about it. The menu started in November of last year in New York City and has since expanded nationwide.

According to Panera’s website the menu was developed by Scott Davis, Panera Bread’s Chief Concept Officer.

“Panera’s off-the-menu dishes offer nourishing options that make sticking to New Year’s resolutions simple. All of these meal selections are an excellent source of protein and contain limited processed carbs,” an article on Panera's website reads. 

To order the dishes, just tell one of the Panera’s associates that you’re ordering from the “Hidden Menu." They should all know what you are referring to.

Breakfast choices include:

  • Power breakfast egg white bowl with roasted turkey
  • Power breakfast egg bowl with steak

Lunch and dinner choices include:

  • Power Mediterranean chicken salad
  • Power Mediterranean roasted turkey salad
  • Power chicken hummus bowl
  • Power steak lettuce wraps

You can try out the hidden menu items at these nearby Panera bread location:

Visit the website for other locations.

What do you think about Panera's Hidden Menu? Will you order from it? 

CowDung February 18, 2013 at 09:45 PM
Isn't it a bit early for April Fool's pranks?
jbw February 19, 2013 at 01:00 AM
That's a cute marketing idea, though it immediately brought to mind every movie and TV show where someone walks into a store and asks for the "special" merchandise after making sure there aren't any cops around. I'd be tempted to make something up just to see the reaction. "I'd like a Power fish taco, it's on the Hidden Menu".


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