Kicker's Pub & Grub Faces Possible 10-Day Suspension

Bar owner claims harassment as he faces suspension after Waukesha police say he served alcohol to minors and kept "an improper house."

Kicker’s Pub & Grub could have its liquor license suspended for 10 days if the Waukesha Common Council approves a complaint filed against the business by Police Chief Russell Jack.

The Waukesha Police Department alleges that the owner, Darrel Radmer, allowed minors to be served alcohol and kept an improper house. The bar was caught serving to minors during an alcohol compliance check, the complaint states.

Radmer will learn his fate during Tuesday night’s Common Council meeting.

On the second occasion, on Aug. 22, Radmer became aggressive toward police officers when confronted with the underage alcohol violations, according to the complaint.

“Are you going to give me a ticket or not,” Radmer yelled at police several times while pacing back and forth, the complaint states. A police specialist took Radmer outside to discuss the issue, however, Radmer continued to yell, so the specialist informed him he was being cited and proceeded  to walk back to his squad car.

Radmer followed the officer to the car, the complaint states, telling the officer that he would post pictures of the minors working with the police department on Facebook for all other bars.

The city’s Ordinance and License Committee recommended on Feb. 24 to suspend the bar’s liquor license for 10 days, which will cause a “significant financial impact,” according to the city’s document.

Radmer, however, is fighting the proposed suspension, claiming harassment, an improper notice for the original suspension hearing and an unnecessary financial impact. A document from Radmer’s attorney, Leonard Adent,  alleges the ordeal has already taken a financial toll on the business because of the negative publicity.

Describing the incident involving the minors as “trickery,” rebuttal from the bar indicates that Radmer was not prepared to testify before the city committee in February. Additionally, he claims he wasn’t able to offer his point of view on the incident.

“The two underaged persons entered the bar on a  sting operation and sat at the bar,” the document states. “In front of them were two empty bottles of Miller Lite beer. Mr. Radmer has three businesses in the City of Waukesha and his female bartender called him for help. HE was under stress and had already worked considerable hours at his automotive business and arrived to assist her in a bar that had substantial patrons and was very busy.

“The young men asked for another beer, and he obliged, believing that his bartender had served them and checked their ID. The actions of the underaged patrons could be considered trickery or entrapment or improper.”

Radmer is partially deaf and speaks in a loud voice, Radmer’s response to the city states, and the confrontation between him and police was heated on both sides.

“Clearly two incidents could not form the basis for suspension for Kicker’s Pub and Grill’s license,” states the response from Radmer’s attorney. “Also the committee has no jurisdiction because of improper service as to the notice of hearing and any action of the committee is void and improper.”

Dean Dewson March 18, 2014 at 09:51 AM
I've never even heard of "Kicker's" and have certainly never been there but I do take issue with these police "stings". I know of one bar/restaurant, really more of a restaurant than a bar in Waukesha where the average age of their clientele is probably at least 40 years old. The police have sent their minors in that place multiple times for these silly "stings" and one time the bartender served their minor and the bartender was given a ticket. On another occasion, I was in there when two uniformed cops came in and were looking around the place, like they were really looking for someone. They finally walked up to a table where everyone there was obviously at least 25 years old and they carded the table! They were just there looking for someone to bust! All that for a place that is far from a hangout for underage drinkers, why even bother. If the police simply used their brains, they could walk in the place any night of the week and see that its not an underage hangout. Stick to the real crime please, we're getting more of it in Waukesha every day!
Matt Gamble March 18, 2014 at 12:04 PM
I couldn't agree more Dean!! Waukesha Police Department has ACTUAL crime issues now days. I bet if the cops went across the street in that neighborhood and looked around they could find plenty of ACTUAL crime. It's getting a little old enforcing morality and victimless crime like this when we have a virtual slum of section 8 housing right across the street with trash everywhere, furniture laying around outside, and degenerates everywhere. How about we start going after some of our real issues instead of hassling business owners on a busy night?
Carl Spackler March 18, 2014 at 03:56 PM
If he or the staff cannot follow the rules they need take the consequences. I believe the police do have the duty to make sure bars are following orders for the safely of our community. Don't start knocking the police for doing the job they are required to do. Serving underage people is an actual crime.
Waukesha Girl March 18, 2014 at 04:05 PM
and what happens when underage kids get served and can't handle it, they go into the neighborhoods across the street and cause trouble in those virtual slums that you refer to above. I see no problem with the cops going into bars whether it be as a sting operation, or checking ID's. they are not hassling business owners, and what if, just what if, one time they go into a bar that is in the process of being robbed and save the day, it can and does happen - so keep up the good work City PD.
Mr Lundt March 18, 2014 at 04:59 PM
No one argues that drunk kids are a good thing. However with limited resources were drunk kids at this bar a Waukesha problem? Where on the list would it rank and what else were these officers NOT doing that would have ranked higher on the list.


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