Gov. Walker: State Will Help Displaced Golden Guernsey Workers

Employees want to know if they will get paid after the plant shut down without warning.

Gov. Scott Walker believes a federal antitrust law that forced Dean Foods to sell Golden Guernsey in 2011 disrupted a free-market system, according to WISN-Channel 12.

Walker told the Milwaukee TV station his administration is working to help displaced Golden Guernsey workers. Golden Guernsey’s 112 employees were given no warning that they would lose their jobs in the sudden plant closure. The company, owned by OpenGate Capital in California, filed for bankruptcy, blaming high costs from suppliers and union employees.

We're going to do everything in our power to make sure, ultimately, they get reconnected with other dairy operations," Walker told Channel 12.

Golden Guernsey declared bankruptcy on Tuesday. Nikou said in a new release that Golden Guernsey sales increased by 20 percent, but expenses were exceeding the revenues.

Employees were left without answers when the plant shut down. One employee, Robert Storm, has filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development because the employees did not receive 60 days notice before they lost their jobs.

“Please look into OpenGate Capital,” Storm wrote in his complaint. “They are an investment firm with other assets and because they had no idea how to get milk from the teat to the table is the DOJ’s fault for not wanting someone with dairy business purchasing the plant when they and (former U.S. Sen. Russ) Feingold got the wheels in motion.”

The company started in 1930 as a farmer-owned cooperative in Milwaukee, and by 1935, Golden Guernsey delivered milk to the homes of 20,000 customers in Wisconsin, according to its website. By 1955, construction began at its current facility at 2101 Delafield St.

Dean Foods was ordered to sell the plant by the U.S. and Wisconsin Departments of Justice in order to settle an antitrust lawsuit because Dean Foods owned about 60 percent of milk processing plants in the state. an investment firm that planned to continue operations of the dairy processing facility.

Mike Talin January 11, 2013 at 04:31 AM
Microsoft and Apple can have complete market control without fear because they have bought out each and every important senator and congress person who sit on the anti-trust boards. So we little people suffer when our good friends and family members get nothing but the shaft. And this is not Obama's fault. It is the terrible system stupid hose and senate members agree to year after year. Thank goodness we have Scott Walker and Dan Varakas. At least we know our workers will be taken care of. I am sooooo steamed!


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