Liberals Have It Wrong When It Comes to Republicans and Race

More and more minorities are returning to the Republican Party. Democrats need to drop the race remarks.

Following the 2012 Republican National Convention, Democratic leaders and liberal pundits accused the Republican Party of trotting out minority speakers to give the false impression that the party was all-inclusive.  Past and recent history shows that the Republican Party has always been a party of inclusion, despite the racist moniker the liberals keep throwing at the party. 

This rhetoric by liberals, including Vice President Joe Biden, is not only factually wrong, but easily debunked.  For Biden to tell a recent majority black audience that the Republican Party was going to put them back in chains, ignores the history of the party, and insulting to its members.

From Joseph H. Rainey, the first black Congressman and Hiram Rhodes Revels, the first black Senator, to Condoleeza Rice, Secretary of state under George W. Bush, there has been a long history of elected officials that attached themselves to the Republican Party.  The party has had members that included Harriet Tubman, the founder of the Underground Railroad and anti-slavery activist; Sojourner Truth, famous civil rights activist and one of the strongest voices against women's suffrage; Ida B. Wells, co-founder of the NAACP; Booker T. Washington and many other advocates for civil rights.  And lets not forget about Frederick Douglas, the first black-American nominated to be Vice President.

In the modern era, we have had the likes of Alan Keyes (2000 Presidential Candidate), (2012 Presidential Candidate), Colin Powell (Joint Chief of Staff, Supreme Commander and Secretary of State), Condoleeza Rice (Secretary of State), Dr. Rod Paige (Secretary of Education), Rep. Allen West and a host of others. The 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed and affirmed by Republicans with an 80-20 percent margin, while the Democrats affirmed by a 63-37 percent margin.  And everyone know that President Abraham Lincoln was responsible for abolishing slavery.

The Republican Party has a rich history of supporting freedom and equality of blacks and have had many, many black leaders.  The difference is we don't judge people by the color of their skin as our party from its inception in 1854, has believed that all men and women are created equal and have equal rights.  We didn't have to come around to that way of thinking, its in our creed. Because of our past and future, we hold all of our leaders and politicians accountable.  We don't elect based on the color of skin, nor do we keep elected officials in power because of skin color.  So sorry Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews; you can not define us as racists.  It's time for those pundits to start following the words of Martin Luther King Jr., who said, "...not to judge by the color of their skin, but the content of their heart."  That is how we live.

You see, it is the content of our party's heart that attracts people to our party, not what we can promise them.  We believe in giving a hand up, not a hand out.  We've been their from the beginning, and have not changed course.  If anything, the left has had bigotry in as much as they just don't believe that all men and women can rise up on their own.  

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Brian Dey September 07, 2012 at 03:35 AM
Ronald Raygun- Yes, and Republicans throw thidiots out; The Democratic Party has them introduce the President, a.k.a. Joe (they gonna put y'all back in chains) Biden.
Brian Dey September 07, 2012 at 03:36 AM
"the idiots"
The Anti-Alinsky September 07, 2012 at 07:46 PM
@ Dirk Gutzmiller: "This Patch blog is one of several in the last six months poorly defending the CURRENT Republican Party from charges of racism. " From my response to Lanore above: "Lanore, there is a huge difference between today's Republican party and today's Democratic party concerning race. The Democrats think so little of African-American's that they feel they need to give them everything. Republicans have enough faith in African-Americans to let them succeed on their own with only the same public support (education) that are given to other groups."
jennifer call September 12, 2012 at 07:12 PM
That was one idiot. Does not reflect Republicans.
jennifer call September 12, 2012 at 07:15 PM
That was one idiot. It doesn't reflect Republicans. My in-laws were Democrats and the biggest load of racists on earth.


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