Waukesha West Grad's Going to Hollywood [UPDATED]

Stephanie Schimel advances to Hollywood despite criticism from Nicki Minaj.

Waukesha West High School graduate is getting her second chance – despite anything Nicki Minaj had to say.

Stephanie Schimel told Waukesha Patch that while judges in Season 10 of American Idol loved her, when it came to the Season 12 auditions, Minaj was a tough one to please.

"Going into the audition, I thought she was going to be the one to like me," Schimel said about Minaj.

Instead, Schimel said Minaj told her she has a "pretty voice, pretty face, but it doesn’t look like I have it."

"She isn’t my biggest fan," Schimel said.

It didn't matter. Schimel is on her way to Hollywood for the second time. She was kicked off the show in the first round of Hollywood in Season 10.

Only minutes into the show, Schimel's Facebook page was filled with well-wishers and congratulations.

Schimel gained the “yes” votes from Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban. Urban described her style as a “Carrie Underwood-Gwen Stefani blend.”

“The mix was really beautiful, baby, I love your whole light,” Urban said.

“I liked it,” Carey said. “I liked your choice of song and I thought your voice was really pretty. I thought you had a nice tone.”

But Minaj, who has less than pleased Idol fans this season, voted no.

“I wasn’t wowed,” Minaj said. “I thought your voice was pretty, I think you are pretty but nothing jumped at me. We have seen such magnetic things today I don’t think you compare to what we have seen. I don’t think you feel like a star.”

But was it about Schimel’s stage presence, or was it petty of Minaj to say no? Schimel showed up on stage wearing pink eyeshadow, which drew Minaj’s attention.

“We have a rivalry, which is why I said no,” Minaj said before being interrupted by Carey and the other judges. The judges told Schimel to leave before Minaj could finish her statement.   

gail January 18, 2013 at 07:58 PM
So cool and inspiring. I mean my eyes teared up nice to hear a girl from Waukesha from where I was born and raised make it this far


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