That's a Pretty Cool Fish...

Andrew Scalf catches a giant musky while fishing the Fox River in downtown Waukesha.


Those who know me well know that my biggest fear in life is fish. I have a major fish phobia. Whether it’s swimming in a lake, swimming in an aquarium or not swimming at all and on a dinner plate, I stay as far away from those wriggling (or not wriggling in the case of the dinner plate) animals.

Walks on Lake Michigan can sometimes leave me screaming and running down the beach as I see a fish who’s met its maker. And don’t even get me started on salmon platters…

So checking my email this weekend gave me a frightening experience. Mark Stigler, Waukesha’s retired deputy police chief, sent me this picture and an explanation:

Have heard of bass and carp being caught at the dam but a musky is very rare, especially one of this size. Andrew Scalf caught this giant musky while fishing on May 9 in downtown Waukesha in the Fox River at the dam.

OK, even a fish-hater like me thinks this is a pretty cool catch. Congrats, Andrew!

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