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Many Places for Lunch in Downtown Waukesha

Many different restaurants for breakfast and lunch with friends or to go. What are your favorite places to eat in Waukesha?

Usually Waukesha Patch’s other columnist Gregg Wandsneider gets to talk about food but today I’m seizing the opportunity, having eaten out every day for the last five days.

After eating out so much, what else would I write about? My expanding waistline? I don't think so.

I consider myself a foodie – I love food.  I’m also a bit of a creative cook, when I do cook, so I appreciate it when someone puts together something that’s tasty and a bit unique and when they can do it consistently, making to a reliable favorite.

Usually when I dine out in Waukesha, I’m meeting friends for breakfast, coffee or lunch, with only occasional dinners out.  What I find myself doing, though, is going to certain places for certain things to eat.

Here’s a few of my favorite things to eat in Waukesha.

For breakfast, I like the cranberry bollo from Steaming Cup. The bollo is a toasted, square, sourdough muffin with cranberries in the dough. It’s served warm with cranberry cream cheese and is a perfect complement to a cup of coffee or tea (Earl Grey, for me). I owe my friend Laurie a debt of gratitude for introducing me to this inexpensive-but-delicious morning treat.

If I want something more substantial for breakfast or am meeting someone for breakfast who has a big appetite, I fall back on a long-time Waukesha favorite – Christina’s. I prefer the omelets, like the spinach omelet with feta cheese or Christina’s omelet if I want something more substantial to split with someone. My step-father, a connoisseur of meat, recommends the corned beef hash.

There are many options for lunch in Waukesha but my favorite is Sprizzo’s. I tend to go to Sprizzo’s on certain days, ordering the daily soup or special.  My favorite thing to eat at Sprizzo’s is the creamy mushroom soup, which is only offered on Thursdays. It’s creamy, slightly tangy and always hits the spot. I usually order a garden grill sandwich on focaccia bread, too. The garden grill is a humble sandwich, just cheese, tomato, onion and green pepper, but the dill mayo and focaccia bread make it special. Another favorite food from Sprizzo’s is the Greek salad, offered on Tuesdays. Sprizzo’s also has gluten-free lettuce wraps and soups, making it easier to eat there with my friend who requires gluten-free food.

Another favorite place for lunch is Rochester Deli. I’m a corned beef snob – I still remember the corned beef sandwiches from Jake’s in Milwaukee and Benji’s in Shorewood and most sandwiches fall short in comparison. But not the corned beef from Rochester Deli. I like mine simply made – on rye bread, with a little mustard and in a paper bag to-go. My favorite grilled sandwich from Rochester Deli is the Devonshire Panini, ham, tomato, cheese gussied up with asparagus spears and honey mustard.

Another lesser-known lunch favorite of mine is a chicken torta sandwich from La Estacion. I credit my grandfather for introducing me to this sandwich. The sandwich is filling, stuffed with seasoned meat (chicken, ham, chorizo, steak) lettuce, avocado, refried beans and sour cream on a Mexican roll. Listed on the menu as being offered with breaded chicken, I usually specially order it with shredded chicken.

Another favorite lunch item is the noodle wrap from Steaming Cup. It’s a tomato-basil wrap stuffed with noodles with pesto, cheese, broccoli, onions and green peppers. The wrap is a favorite of my adventurous son and we usually split one.

One last lunch favorite is an old-standby: a gyro from Gyros West. You can order an extra pita and divide up one sandwich into two because it’s a generous sandwich. I usually order a side of rice pilaf (with no tomato sauce) with some feta cheese, too. If I’m not in the mood for a gyro, I sometimes just order a Greek salad, which is also a good-sized portion.

There are so many options for food in Waukesha. I’m looking forward to sampling food from the newcomers on the block, River Mill Foods and D Mo’s. But I’m also looking forward to researching dinner options and, yum, desserts for another column.


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