Celebrate National Grandparents Day

The first Sunday after Labor Day has been dedicated to grandma and grandpa since 1978.

Grandparents give you hugs and kisses, they take you on adventures to far away places, they bake chocolate chip cookies and bring you special presents for your birthday and Christmas.

Grandparents can show their love in a variety of ways, but they are also a source of knowledge and life experience. They have experienced a different life that today’s young generation couldn’t imagine – black-and-white TVs, no cell phones, no Internet, no texting, no Xbox.

I am fortunate to have three grandparents who will always show their love. The fourth one, my Grandpa Millard, passed away while I was a college student but memories of the U.S. Navy veteran are fond.

And Sunday is dedicated to grandparents across the country.

President Jimmy Carter declared Grandparents Day a national holiday in 1978. It is always celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day.

And since we know gifts from the heart are coveted above all else, it's also a great time to get crafty with the kids to make something Grandma and Grandpa will treasure. Need a bit of inspiration? Grandparents.com has a variety of craft ideas as well as songs and activities for Grandparents Day.

What makes the grandparents in your life special? Submit a blog post to share their story. You also can upload a photo of your grandparents to our photo gallery!


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